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Greece examines its failures to the deadly wave of fires

The Government has requested a special drone to the U.S. to track any traces of "suspicious activity"

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Greece examines its failures to the deadly wave of fires

The worst natural tragedy in recent history of Greece has left at least 79 dead and more than 180 wounded after passage on Monday of a tongue of fire in north and northwest of Attica, region that surrounds Greek capital. All victims, including teenagers, children and even a six-month-old baby, have been found in area between port of Rafia, about 30 kilometres from Ans, and Nea Makri, about 10 kilometres furr north, with zero zone located in Mati , a typical seaside resort very frequented by locals. The suspicion that after fires may be real estate speculation or even undisguised attempt to build wind farms are plausible assumptions for many Greeks.

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The Helenas authorities suggest that fires could have been provoked. They have requested a special drone to United States to trace any traces of "suspicious activity" — as government spokesman called it on Tuesday — by verifying existence, on Monday afternoon, of 15 simultaneous fire spots on three distinct fronts in Attica. Emergency services seek an indeterminate number of missing persons, as reported by Greek media such as Kathimerini newspaper.

It seems that it was resistance of many neighbors to leave ir homes — most, second homes in middle of forest — main cause of tragedy. The majority of fatalities were found inside houses and some in interior of vehicles in which y sought to escape from fire, as reported on Tuesday spokesman of government, Dimitris Tznakópulos. In addition to inhabitants ' fondness for ir goods, or causes, such as abundance of constructions, many of m illegal, and sum of cuts since 2010, which have left Greek public services in chassis, are shuffled as factors that explain, with Coarse stroke, magnitude of this tragedy.

In February 2017, for example, 4,000 firefighters saw ir temporary contracts expire, signed in 2012. A government-driven parliamentary vote rescued only half of m (2,160). Nine patrol of Coast Guard, two military detachments and dozens of private vessels, assisted by army helicopters, were involved in extinction of this last fire in support of 700 firefighters deployed in The interior with aid of 80 vehicles. As ground zero of fire was found just 300 meters from sea, many victims sought refuge on shore. The Coast Guard rescued some 900 people from coast, and about twenty inside water. A few meters from sea, a Red Cross rescue group found most horrifying scene of this tragedy: a group of 26 people hugged, carbonized in courtyard of a tavern.

Also speculative zeal has proved to be a key factor in fires recorded in recent years, such as those that in August 2009 affected forest areas north and northwest of Ans, less serious and without personal injury. The overpopulated Greek capital as epicenter around which gravitate, one year after anor, too many fires: events provoked to achieve requalification of land, added to craving for real estate developers.

Until Monday, worst fire in Greece's recent history was one declared in summer of 2007 in Peloponnese and island of Evia, which claimed between 70 and 77 lives, according to sources. The number of casualties has been exceeded this Wednesday.

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