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Hamas announces third Intifada for recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Prime Minister Netanyahu ensures that other countries will also move their embassy to the holy city

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Hamas announces third Intifada for recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel on Wednesday. These are main reactions of international community.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday in a statement in Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he is already in contact with or countries that will recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel, although he did not specify which ones. "Many or countries are going to move ir embassies to Jerusalem," prime Minister said. For its part, Israeli army will reinforce its forces in West Bank after Trump's decision.


Hamas called on Thursday Palestinians to start a third intifada. The leader of Islamist movement described Israel as "Zionist enemy" and said at a press conference held this Thursday in Gaza that "tomorrow Friday, December 8 will be a day of wrath and beginning of a new Intifada, called Liberation of Jerusalem."

On Wednesday, leader of Islamist movement had declared that US president's decision opened gates of "hell" and called "flagrant aggression against Palestinian people" decision. The Islamist movement, which dominates Gaza Strip for a decade, has urged Arabs and Muslims to "harm America's interests in region" and to "flee Israel."

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

The Secretary general of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, said that recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by US President Donald Trump "destroys any opportunity for solution of two states" ". " He has taken an action to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. This is a total contradiction of agreements signed between Palestinians and Israelis. Article 7 of Interim agreement specifies that no State should take actions that prejudge or predetermine matters relating to final status, including Jerusalem, "he added. The decision announced on Wednesday, he continued, "Prejudges, dictates and closes doors for negotiations."

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has denounced recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, as a communiqué from Ministry of Foreign Affairs has picked up on Thursday.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that United States ' announcement is ignoring United Nations decision of 1980. In addition, President — who has already threatened to break diplomatic relations with Israel — will organize a summit of leaders of Muslim countries on 13 December in Istanbul. "Our President of Republic convenes an extraordinary summit of Organization for Islamic Cooperation to enable Muslim countries to act in a unified and coordinated manner before se events," said spokesman of Turkish presidency Ibrahim Kalin.

Islamic League

The Islamic World League, headquartered in city of Mecca (Saudi Arabia), said Thursday that recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by Washington "is a dangerous step" that "disregards historic right of people with intransigence" Palestinian in Jerusalem. " The Secretary general of league, Mohamed al-Isa, has also said that decision will be "faced with great Islamic anger and unleash serious sequels." The Islamic League expects America to reverse its decision.


The Iranian foreign minister has seriously condemned Trump's decision, as state media collects. Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, had said, before announcement occurred, that America's president's plans are result of his "despair and weakness." "It is by desperation and weakness that y want to declare Al-Qods [name in Arabic of Jerusalem] as capital of Zionist regime," Khamenei said during an act in allusion to Trump's plans. "In question of Palestine, y have ir hands tied and y cannot achieve ir goals," supreme Leader defended.


Egypt also rejected Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and to transfer his embassy re, in a statement showing his "great concern for possible consequences" on stability of Middle East. "Egypt confirms that making of such unilateral decisions implies a transgression of legitimate international resolutions and will not change legal status of city of Jerusalem, which is considered to be under occupation," says communiqué.

United Nations

The Secretary General of United Nations, António Guterres, made an institutional statement just concluding Trump's speech, reported Wednesday Sandro Pozzi. Guterres rejected in principle "any unilateral decision" that has potential to derail peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, and defended solution of two states that live in peace, security and recognize each or.


The European Union (EU) has expressed its "grave concern" with Trump decision, especially impact it may have on Middle East peace process. "The EU expresses grave concern about today's announcement by President of United States about Jerusalem and impact it may have on prospects for peace," said high community representative for Foreign policy, Federica Mogherini, in a Release. Mogherini has recalled that European position, which seeks a two-state solution, "remains unchanged."

The Spanish government has warned that status of city of Jerusalem should be part of a "two-state solution" between Israelis and Palestinians. The government of Mariano Rajoy took advantage of Trump's announcement to reiterate his position on status of Jerusalem, which "coincides with collection in various resolutions of United Nations", according to a communiqué from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. "Jerusalem is one of central issues of peace process and must be negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians," he added outside in his note, in which he pointed out that " best way to guarantee aspirations of both parties is solution" Of two states (...) living toger in peace and security. In this regard, he stressed that " final status of Jerusalem should be consequence of se negotiations", paralyzed since middle of year 2014.

French President Emmanuel Macron tried this Wednesday unsuccessfully to stop Trump in a phone conversation reminding him that " question of Jerusalem should be addressed within framework of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations," "Aspiring to creation of two states that live toger in peace with Jerusalem as capital." After announcement by US president, he has described decision "regrettable" and insisted that status of city must be decided by Israelis and Palestinians through a negotiation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that her Government does not support Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. The German government "does not support that decision because Statute of Jerusalem can only be negotiated as part of a two-state solution," said chancellor, quoted in a tweet of his spokesman, Steffen Ibert.

The Italian prime Minister, Paolo Gentilonialso argued that future of Jerusalem should be defined by a "two-state" peace process, Israel and Palestine. "Jerusalem, holy City, unique in world." Its future must be defined in area of peace process based on two states, Israel and Palestine, "defended Gentiloni on Twitter.

The Czech Republic asserted that West Jerusalem is, "Indeed," capital of Israel, and considered that this sacred city will be both capital of Hebrew state and "The future state of Palestine." "Today, Czech Republic, before signing of peace between Israel and Palestine, recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital of fact within borders of 1967 demarcation line," says a brief communiqué from Ministry of Foreign Affairs diffused in Prague.

British Prime Minister Theresa Mayconsidered "little useful" for peace decision of President of United States. The British head of government underlined in a statement that UK maintains Tel Aviv as basis for its embassy in Israel and "has no plans to transfer it." "Our stance on status of Jerusalem is clear and has been maintained for a long time." It must be determined in a negotiated agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, "said Prime minister. Jerusalem must "ultimately be shared capital of states of Israel and Palestine," said May, who stressed that London considers Jerusalem to be "part of occupied Palestinian territories." "We share with President Trump desire to end this conflict." We welcome your commitment today expressed on a two-state solution negotiated between parties, he added.

The British Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has said that Israel's recognition is a threat to peace. "The British government must condemn this dangerous act and work for a viable and fair resolution to conflict."


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