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Hamas gives in to the pressure of Egypt and agree to dissolve the de facto Government in Gaza

The islamist palestinians announce elections and a unity Government for the first time since 2006

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Hamas gives in to the pressure of Egypt and agree to dissolve the de facto Government in Gaza

With borders closed and hospitals devoid of medicines, with little electricity and no drinking water in Gaza Strip, Hamas, which holds power in enclave in mediterranean from a decade ago, has announced this Sunday dissolution of ir de facto Government and restoration of institutions of Palestinian Authority. If islamist movement meets its commitment —expressed after negotiations this week in Cairo with intelligence service of Egypt— palestinians will have to go to polls for first time since 2006, when Hamas won parliamentary elections, to elect a new Parliament that gives way to an Executive of national unity.

Fatah, party of palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, welcomed statement, although anticipated with caution only to resume power supply removed and transfers of funds cut to Gaza if promises are embodied in acts. Previous attempts of reconciliation between two factions confronted have failed because of political divide that paralyzes Palestine.

The dome of Hamas —y are part of new leader of organization, Ismail Haniyeh, and his successor as political leader in gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar— seems to have received an offer in Cairo difficult to refuse. The blockade of land and maritime —marked by three wars— that Israel keeps from a decade ago on Gaza amounted to from 2013 closing almost permanent of Rafah border with Egypt, which has only opened its doors to 18 days this year. The past month of march, constitution by islamist movement of an administrative committee to manage coastal enclave was interpreted by Palestinian Authority as a transgression of a red line.

To prevent secession of territory by a de facto Government, president Abbas ordered removal of subsidies to electricity and reductions in salaries of officials. Essential medicines, such as those used in chemorapy treatments for cancer, stopped arriving regularly from Ramallah to pharmacies of hospitals in gaza Strip. Cut in addition to authorizations for patients with more severe cases receive life-saving care in health centres of west bank, East Jerusalem or Israel.

A statement from Hamas released early morning in Cairo has made an appeal to Government of palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdala, to “carry out ir mission and ir duty of immediate”, as well as “creation of a Cabinet of national unity with participation of all parties”. The islamist movement accepts holding of legislative elections, and shows its willingness to implement reconciliation agreement reached in 2011, also in Cairo to settle dispute interpalestinas. The armed clashes between militias of both groups resulted in 2007, with 385 dead and expulsion of Fatah from power. In a ceremony held in Gaza last Thursday, family members of victims of two major parties received financial compensation. It is first effective measure taken to staunch wounds of civil conflict.

Sources close to intelligence services of egyptians cited by israeli daily Haaretz ensure that this time Hamas is trying to demonstrate to Government of Cairo, seriousness of its commitment to reconciliation with Palestinian Authority, expecting to receive in return an improvement of electrical supply and opening of Rafah border to ease blockade on two million gazatíes. A delegation from Fatah has been gared in capital of Egypt and leaders of palestinian islamist movement.

The president of Palestinian Authority is scheduled to meet Wednesday in New York, where she will speak before United Nations General Assembly, with president of united States, Donald Trump. Abbas goes now to appointment with trump card of restored political unity in palestine —promised, at least by Hamas— to reactivate a peace process in which u.s. leader seeks to make its mark with a “definitive agreement”. The israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who also will be received by Trump, has advance to focus meeting on threat of growing presence of Iran and its allies in Syria and Lebanon, without express apparently interest in a progress in dialogue with palestinians.


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