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Hamas responds to Israel: our internal affairs are being asked to intervene

Hamas reacted harshly to the invading Israeli leadership to take some conditions to accept the Palestinian reconciliation. Hamas spokesman Kanu said that it is a situation involving the internal affairs of the Palestinian settlement, and that Israel is a clear intervention for the adoption of this.

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Hamas responds to Israel: our internal affairs are being asked to intervene

Hamas spokesman Abdullatif Al-Kanu reminded statement that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has some prerequisites for accepting settlement agreement between Hamas and Fatah, "said Israel, Palestinian It is a public intervention for adoption of agreement, "he said.

With occupation, more willpower and National Union, Kanu said, stressing that national troops weakened occupation forces and made its situation difficult.

In his written statement, "History of reconciliation, Palestinian issue ended one of darkest chapters in history," Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary General Saib Ureykat described reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah as "historical". Gave.


"The national Unity is a Palestinian state in 1967 borders of East Jerusalem, capital of invasion," said Ureykat, who said Palestinian groups would regain ir power and try to hand it to fight with "Colonial occupation Project" The only way to embody its sovereignty and to find a fair solution to issue of Palestinian refugees, "he said.

  • Israel has explained that re are some preconditions to accept agreement between Hamas and Fatah. Israel, implementation of requirements of International Four Commission for adoption of reconciliation, disarmament of Hamas, digging of tunnels and stopping rocket production, Israeli civilians in hands of Hamas Avra Mengistu and Hisham Said a moment He said he had to be released first.
  • The delegations of Hamas and Fatah signed "settlement Agreement", which ended Division in Palestine as part of ongoing negotiations in Cairo, capital of Egypt. As part of agreement, Palestinian National Reconciliation government was told to fulfill all its duties in Gaza as it was in West Bank until end of December 1, 2017.


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