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Hard reaction to Trump: violates the First Amendment of the Constitution

The US administration's 160; 24 September 39;d, and 160 to affect 8 country nationals quo; travel restriction quo; 160; The decision of the Maryland Federal judge Theodore Chuang, the decree, 160; Trump 39; 39, the Muslim ban 39; He said that he was re-implementing his word and therefore violated the First Amendment of the Constitution 39, known as the founding ingredient of us 39;

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Hard reaction to Trump: violates the First Amendment of the Constitution

After Hawaiian federal Judge Derrick Watson, Maryland federal judge Chuang also announced his decision to implement latest travel restriction of Trump management.

Judge Chuang, execution of decision of travel restriction, " decree that Trump's presidential candidate for Muslim ban he gave back to life and refore violates first article of Constitution, which is known as US entity article, "has been reported to be partially stopped.

"The US president has exceeded its powers under Immigration and Nationality law," Chuang said, deciding that non-immigrant or nonimmigrant classes would be stopped in United States.

Judge Chuang noted that Trump administration could not reveal evidence that national security could not be achieved without mentioned travel restriction.

Like Hawaiian Federal Judge Watson, Judge Chuang also announced in March of Trump, and majority of population blocked decision on travel ban targeting citizen of Muslim 6 countries, and Trump administration had brought issue to Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court ruled that government had no need to judge latest regulation on travel bans.

"The decision is legal and necessary"

US Justice Minister Jeff Sessions stated on Senate Justice committee that y would carry out final judicial decisions to Supreme Court.

The last presidential decree, "legal, legitimate and necessary", argued that Sessions, expressed following:

"The Presidential decree is important in ensuring that we know who is coming to our country. We're very proud to defend it. Most people may not know, but Supreme Court has already wasted one of se judicial decisions and I believe we will win in Supreme Court. "

The decision, which will replace Trump's previous "travel ban" and signed on 24 September, was announced to take effect on October 18th. Travel restrictions were imposed on harsh security procedures for citizens of Iran, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, North Korea, Venezuela and Chad to get US visas.

In previous list, Sudan was added to new list, while North Korea, Venezuela and Chad were included in new list.

Trump management, in March, majority of population of Muslims in Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libyan citizens for a new visa for 90 days and all refugee admission to country was decided to be stopped for 120 days.


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