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Harsh comment from Hamaney for the illegitimate referendum in Ikby!

Iranian leader Ali Hamaney, who met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who came to Iran for official contacts, was a Kurdish regional...

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Harsh comment from Hamaney for the illegitimate referendum in Ikby!
Harsh comment from Hamaney for illegitimate referendum in Ikby! AA World News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 23:25 official talks with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Iran Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, who came to moon, said that illegitimate referendum in Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY) is "a betrayal of future of region".

"The referendum in Ikby is a betrayal that threatens future of region," Iranian official news agency IRNA said in Hamaney's press office, according to President Erdogan and accompanying delegation.

Noting that referendum posed a threat to people of region, Khamenei said referendum would have long-term effects on Iraq's neighbours.

"Iran and Turkey should take every possible step towards this event, and Iraqi government should make serious decisions about it," Khamenei said, citing importance of Iran and Turkey's co-operation against Ikby's illegitimate referendum.

Hamaney, pointing to importance of cooperation in political, economic and strategic areas of Iran and Turkey on territorial integrity of Iraq, " look of United States and European countries is completely different with look of Turkey and Iran. The United States always wants to have leverage over Turkey and Iran. Therefore, United States and Europeans cannot be trusted in any way, "he said.

"As you mentioned, events that have happened in our region in last period, primarily Israel and n to benefit of United States," Khamenei told President Erdogan.

Noting that Iran and Turkey have been repeatedly asked to engage in or subjects to reduce ir impact on key issues in region, Khamenei said, "foreign forces and especially Zionist regime, by establishing a new Israeli, conflict and conflict in region After creation. "

Hamaney also stressed that recent events have been carefully examined and that serious and quick decisions should be taken toger.

Iranian President Hasan Spiritual is also present, Hamaney's office was closed to press for 1 hour 10 minutes of meeting was stated. ?


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