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Hawaii mistakenly sends a missile attack alert to the entire population

The State Emergency service sent a message to mobiles saying seek shelter. This is not a drill. It was confirmed as false alarm 40 minutes later

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Hawaii mistakenly sends a missile attack alert to the entire population

The Mobile Emergency Alert system works in many states and serves to alert danger of floods, tornadoes or even, in California, for example, child abduction notices. Obviously, re are no precedents for missile attack alerts. The error seems to indicate at least that Hawaii is testing this kind of alerts.

The State Emergency Administration confirmed on Twitter, before cascade of tweets of alarmed people, that re was no threat of missiles against islands. Senator Brian Schatz also tweeted: "There is no threat of missiles. It was a false alarm based on a human error. There is nothing more important for Hawaii than to professionalize and reinforce security of this process. "

The event occurs in context of North Korea's increasingly obvious threat. In his last televised speech, dictator Kim Jong assured that he had on his desk a nuclear button he would use to deter United States. North Korea's true ballistic missile attack capability is a mystery, but re is consensus among military experts that it is in a position to reach America's continental territory and, of course, Hawaii. The territory closest to threat has 1.4 million inhabitants. For now, missile tests that have made North Korea have only reached waters of Japan.

In that context, Congresswoman for Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard intervened on CNN and put into words sense of concern that leaves this event. "The people of Hawaii have had proof of a harsh reality that we are facing here with a possible nuclear attack on Hawaii. Each and every one of mobiles in Hawaii has received a text saying that a ballistic missile. You can imagine how it has been when people have started asking questions, more than a million people have come across reality that y have 15 minutes to find a shelter. Where do y take refuge? Where do y and ir families protect mselves from a nuclear attack? It's crazy. "

The error of authorities has unleashed a panic, visible in social networks, and threatens to have consequences. State Senator Mazie Hirono tweeted: "At a time of high tension, we have to make sure that all information sent to community is accurate. We have to get to bottom of what's happened and make sure it doesn't happen again. "


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