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He had a 42 gun.

In the hotel room of Stephen paddock, which injured 527 people who slaughtered 59 people in Las Vegas, 19 guns and thousands of bullets were found in his home in Nevada. Police found traces of ammonium nitrate and explosives used in making bombs at home calls. Paddock, who committed suicide in the hotel room, left behind many questions.

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He had a 42 gun.

In one night, 64-year-old Stephen paddock, who performed bloodiest attack in U.S. history, was seized by an arsenal in his hotel room and his home in Nevada. In hotel room where paddock opened fire to concert area, 23 and 19 firearms were found in his house. Police found ammonium nitrate substance used in making bombs at home calls. The hotel room was born with strong question signs that suicide paddock had or terror plans. The US police failed to respond to attack of paddock. There are doubts about how an attacker could put all weapons into hotel room. Experts say that assailant may have modified weapon in his possession.

No response from police


Stephen Paddock, which carries most bloody offensive in U.S. history, continues to question what motivation he is moving. The US police have not been able to disclose any tangible explanations of issue. The 64-year-old paddock has a perfectly clean record of action, which is confusing. The fact that paddock, son of a far who was considered "psycho" by FBI and who was on "Most Wanted List", has no priors. The strange answer to Las Vegas Police commissioner, Joseph Lombordeaux, that attack was caused by question of "I cannot enter into mind of a psychopath" was duplicated instead of reducing questions. The police revealed an arsenal, including ammonium nitrate, in Paddock's house, causing question "was he planning a greater terror action".


How he put guns in hotel

The second question mark on massacre in Las Vegas is how you managed to smuggle 23 weapons in various caliber of attacker into hotel room. The assailant appeared with testimony of his bror, who was addicted to gambling in one night, to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in paddock. Paddock's gambling addiction says Mandalay Bay hotel, which was attacked by ongoing clientele, is among customers. The assailant is considered by paddock's hotel staff to take advantage of recognition of weapons to room. On or hand, lack of metal detectors in hotels in Las Vegas and insufficient security measures are among reasons why weapons cannot be detected. Starting to stay at hotel on September 28th, Paddock is believed to have brought weapons to hotel by date of massacre of Peyderpey. 


Has it increased its effect and range?

The 64-year-old assailant is being evaluated by experts, who has modified weapons in his hand to furr damage. With point where paddock is located, more than three hundred meters from concert, experts said excess of death toll is a technical way of firing weapons. Experts argue that series of automatic gunfire on video taken at time of attack can only be pulled out of a modified weapon. Paddock has had possibility of throwing bullets between 400 and 800 per minute with modifications carried out on weapons.

Hunting License


An institution that paddock works in 1980s is quite remarkable. Las Vegas Canisi worked in Lockheed Martin, a space and defence firm, from 1985 to 1988. In past, paddock was living in city of Mesquite, Nevada, where he was an accountant. His bror, Eric Paddock, who committed suicide and ended his life, invested millions of dollars by investing in buildings in Mesquite, Texas and California. He said he won. Erick Paddock added that his bror was a multi-millionaire. His bror said that gambling for paddock is like a job, even if he loses $1 million, he has enough money to go on with his life. Paddock's hunting and pilot languages were only two marriages that did not sustain se marriages, and y had two single-engined aircraft.


Armament debate flared

There's no permission to take weapons in state of Nevada where Las Vegas Canisi lives in paddock. Licensed companies that perform arms sales are easily controlled by buyers ' registration records. Although Las Vegas attack refires The debate on individual armaments in United States, US President Donald Trump said, "The only person who had blood on his hands was offensive. So now is not time to talk about armaments Act! " Former President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton urged everyone to do ir part to avoid similar tragedies from social media accounts. The White House spokesman Sarah Sanders, who responded to restriction of individual arming calls, argued that current conditions were not appropriate to discuss possible changes in armaments law.


Where's The mystery woman?

Anor question in attack is fate of 62-year-old Marilou Dley, alleged to be Paddock's girlfriend. Police sought help from public for discovery of 62-year-old Marilou Dley, who was involved in incident and that he traveled with suspect before attack. But later, it was announced that Dley was out of country and was not among suspects linked to incident. It was claimed that Dley was in Philippines during attack. It is believed that Dley's testimony will reveal many unknown to paddock.


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