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Hollande charges against Macron for his tax breaks to the wealthy

The former socialist president feels despised by his disciple, more liberal and monarchic than he

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Hollande charges against Macron for his tax breaks to the wealthy

Since he came to power in May, Emmanuel Macron has invited former President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, to dine at Elysée. Sarkozy admires him: "It's like me, but better." Anor living former president, Valéry Giscard D'Estaing, has been lavish in praise. Macron has also visited old man Jacques Chirac, separated from public light. All are good feelings and complicities between current French president and his predecessors, except one: precisely his political mentor, François Hollande. Both periodically exchange invectives increasingly less veils, to point that Hollande begins to appear as one of critical voices in social Democratic Left against liberal president.

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The tension between Hollande and Macron, collaborators until a few months ago, increases every week. What triggered last dispute was interview that President granted on Sunday to television network TF1. There he questioned some aspects of Hollande's economic policy and spoke of his "charlatan presidency". It was a way to despise Hollande's style, fond of continually speaking with press, in contrast to Macron, more in his contacts with journalists and his public appearances. Macron threw all se darts without mentioning his name to Hollande. "My predecessor," he said, which, from circle close to Hollande, was perceived as an added insult. He didn't even deign to name it!

"The improbable thing is that Emmanuel Macron treats not only his predecessor, but person who ' made ' him," he said a few days later, in a café near National Assembly in Paris, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, until a few weeks ago First Secretary of party French socialist, and ally of Hollande. Cambadélis meant, by saying that Hollande ' made ' macron, which he politically grew under his tutelage. "I was astonished to see that in his television interview he could not even cite name of person he calls ' my predecessor '." There is a form of public humiliation that ' I calls ', as Macron would say, ' he continued, ironizing on refined vocabulary commonly used by president. "And in se conditions, François Hollande could not remain silent."

And Hollande was not silent. In Seoul, South Korea, where he was to participate in an international forum, he criticized Macron's fiscal plans. The plans contemplate, among or measures, elimination of tax on non-real estate fortunes, adopted on Friday in National Assembly. "If a country consolidates idea of a tax relief for rich and heavier for more modest or middle classes, it is in question ability to mobilize [ country] for future," he said. "If re must be reforms (...) that are fair and balanced."

It was not first intersection of distance criticism between Macron and Hollande but most explicit. The lawsuit has some family drama. Because Macron was for Hollande " son we would like to have," as he once said. Macron took his first steps as an advisor to Hollande at Elysée in 2012. Later Hollande named him Minister of economy.

After Macron left office to launch into presidential race, Torpedeando president's aspirations for re-election, he said: "He has betrayed Me methodically." The appraisal was almost complimentary: disciple had eliminated master, but he was such a good disciple that he had done it with mastery. People from his entourage said that, in first round of Presidentials, Hollande voted for Macron, and not by candidate of his party, Benoît Hamon.

In campaign y accused Macron of being Hollande bis: The true successor of most unpopular president of 6th Republic. But once in office it has proved to be — in his monarchic style, opposed to normal presidency practiced by his predecessor, and in his liberal-inspired policies — anti-Hollande.

Hollande resists Golden retreat of or presidents. Political by vocation, wants to continue to intervene in debate. He dislikes lack of recognition of his merit in economic recovery. Macron, which leans to center-right, leaves an empty space in center left that someone can occupy. The return of Hollande? "He doesn't reason like that," replies Cambadélis. "He leaves it all open." "It's possible, it's impossible, we'll see."


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