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Hong Kong releases Joshua Wong and another student leader on bail

The activists were imprisoned in August under the accusation of inciting to illegally occupy the city center three years ago now

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Hong Kong releases Joshua Wong and another student leader on bail

Sorry but with some relief, Joshua Wong and Nathan Law — two of student leaders who were actively involved in protestations prodemocracy of 2014 in Hong Kong — abandoned prisons this Wednesday where y have been held since Last August.

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Under a deposit of about 5,500 euros and condition of being presented weekly at police station, two activists, deprived of passport, will be able to appeal on November 7 to Supreme Court of former British colony. Up to that date will have to wait for leader of university unions, Alex Chow, to apply for bail, while serving sentence of seven months in prison to which he has already appealed.

The imprisonment of three young people, accused of inciting ir fellow citizens to illegally occupy city centre for 79 days three years ago, provoked criticism of a large part of Hong Society and international community that saw hand of Beijing under whole process.

The result of appeal will depend on " implementation of a country, two systems" that governs former colony since United Kingdom returned Hong Kong to Chinese hands in 1997, declared Law at its exit. "I hope outcome of case shows protection of human rights in our system of laws," he said.

Since massive demonstrations of 2014, known as Umbrella Movement, China has been accused of not fulfilling promise to guarantee Hong Kong's right to democratically elect its leaders. Firstly, for not allowing universal suffrage in local elections of 2017 — germ of those protests — and to impose elections on a committee of 1,200 members previously chosen by Beijing; Secondly, to cut rights and liberties of citizens who have witnessed in recent times disappearance in city of several booksellers who published volumes critical of regime of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Several parliamentarians challenged central government in swearing-in of its positions, which was a challenge that Beijing faceded with prohibition of those legislators to be part of chamber.

The last episode happened this month, when Hongkonesas authorities denied entry to city of Benedict Rogers, a human rights activist who had important contacts on pro-democracy side.

However, for those who still maintain fervor of battle for Democracy in semiautonomous city, release of Law and Wong are "encouraging news". That's what politician Eddie Chu said. "We need m here with us to fight in this battle," he insisted.

Of same opinion is Avery Ng, president of League of Social Democrats. At gates of court, Ng said he hopes that release of two student leaders can help reorganize democratic movement during two weeks that will pass out of prison. "It will give m a break and we'll see what we can do to mobilize public," said Hong Kong Free Press news portal.

Law, which became last year in youngest deputy of history of island to put foot in legislative autonomous Kong (although it was later disqualified), it declared to media its intention to continue fighting despite being locked up. "That won't hurt our determination for democracy," he insisted.

Wong, who was erected as an icon for his generation when he was still a teenager, agrees. "This is not first time we go to jail, re may be more young people going to prison in future, but we will move forward with our beliefs and fight toger on path to democracy," he said.

Aware of China's determination to prevent any critical movement with Beijing, two will use ir most potent weapon, Demosisto party, formation y founded after movement of umbrellas and that pursues self-determination of Hong Kong.


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