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Hotel security guard reports for the first time in the TV-Vegas killer Paddock shot him in the leg! 

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Hotel security guard reports for the first time in the TV-Vegas killer Paddock shot him in the leg! 

At Stick, Jesus Campos (25) comes into broadcast of US entertainer Ellen DeGeneres (59). The Hotel Mandalay Bay security guard is one of heroes of Las Vegas massacre. Campos was first to hit killer Stephen Paddock. A little later, Paddock 58 should shoot people and injure anor 500.

Campos had held up with public appearances until now. Now he reports in talk show for first time in detail how he did massacre on 1. October. Next to him on couch is Stephen Schuck, a building technician of hotel, which Campos saved his life. 

Campos tells his story of Day of massacre: he was just on his way from 31st to 32 floor of hotel, when he stumbled upon a blocked door, which could not be opened. He reported door to a technician.

The massacre in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas killer Paddock six minutes earlier he was already shooting at a security guard

    Before Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds, Las Vegas killer shot at a security guard at hotel.

Paddock had probably been noticed by slamming of heavy door – through which Campos had previously gone – that someone was traveling to him. That was moment killer fired at Campos through his closed door. He hit him on leg.

"I ran down hallway and quickly heard fire. First I went into cover. I felt a burn. I pulled up my leg and I saw blood. At moment I reported through my radio that shots had been fired, "said Campos.

Also interesting

But instead of reporting on his radio that he was shot, he took his cell phone to avoid disturbing or radio traffic of his colleagues. An act of selflessness.

A little later, building technician Stephen Schuck arrived on floor. He heard gunshot sounds and saw Campos at end of hallway. Campos shouted in Schucks direction: "Go in cover, go cover!"

Tomorrow, first people to encounter Las Vegas shooter are here – security guard Jesus Campos and building engineer Stephen Schuck.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) October 18, 2017

Schuck remembers exactly this moment: "he shouted in my direction, and it was a matter of milliseconds. If he hadn't said that, I'd have been hit. I wasn't completely covered, and bullets flew past my head, I could feel pressure. "

Campos tells us that n a female hotel guest opened door in hallway to see what had happened. He immediately told her to go back to room, it wasn't safe out here. Anor bullet hail of killer followed.

At end of interview, Campos thanked local police, FBI and first aiders as well as many people who had helped in hospitals.

Just Jesus Campos still has paid vacation and recovers from his injury to leg. Several fundraising actions have been started for security guard. One of m has already collected over 35 000 dollars for hero of Las Vegas.

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