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Hurricane Maria : the Guadeloupe placed in orange alert cyclone

A mere two weeks after Irma, the population is called to prepare for this new threat that " must be taken very seriously ", according to Météo-France.

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Hurricane Maria : the Guadeloupe placed in orange alert cyclone
Guadeloupe is placed on " orange alert cyclone ", in anticipation of passage of hurricane Maria, announced prefecture Sunday, September 17, at mid-day. The islands of north, already ravaged by hurricane Irma will remain in vigilance yellow cyclone.

" as Soon as this Monday, September 18, Météo-France provides for Guadeloupe, a large swell, high winds, with gusts up to 200 km/h, heavy rains of up to 400 mm by place, " warns prefecture in a press release.

A mere two weeks after Irma, population is, refore, called upon to prepare for, including floods on lower parts of archipelago ". The rank of safety precautions is necessary to evacuate homes located in flood-prone areas, to reach a safe shelter, strengn his house by protecting openings and put it out of reach of water objects and personal documents. Add to this instructions usual self for several days as to prepare reserves of food and water.

" This threat must be taken very seriously, "

" center of The system is planned in immediate vicinity of Guadeloupe in second part of night of Monday to Tuesday, " according to Météo-France. "Maria would be n at stage of category 2 hurricane ". According to Météo-France, " uncertainty about trajectory and intensity final of this deadline will not allow this hour to locate with precision impacts on Guadeloupe ". Météo-France believes that re is " not entirely excluded that Maria reaches category 3 in its passage to nearest of Guadeloupe ". "This threat must be taken very seriously ", said Meteo-France.

all more, as recalled by minister of interior Gérard Collomb, at a location in Paris, that " Guadeloupe was logistics centre from which we could power island of St. Martin, and organize all of rotations and air supply ".

" We have since yesterday (Saturday) sent new means of civil protection " and " tonight 110 members of civil protection will be going on zone ", he announced, reminding us that" about 3,000 people "on site" to manage security issues, to start reconstruction and to ensure supply ". "In next few hours we plan to be able to send up to 400 to 500 people for coming out in support" if needed, he added.

Martinique has been placed in vigilance yellow wind violent, and dangerous sea heavy rain.


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