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Hypothesis for a tragedy

On the one hand is the official Russia and on the other hand the Russia of the natural and juridical persons, who move in an opaque area

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Hypothesis for a tragedy

British Prime Minister Theresa May has directed against Vladimir Putin his accusing finger of poisoning of Russian former agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia. "It is tragic that President Putin has chosen to act like this," said government to a public opinion whose reaction (in United Kingdom and in Russia) is based on factors such as confidence towards its leaders and its media, its level of knowledge of Reality and history and also its stereotypes.

The direct proof of crime is not public, but, whatever reality, it should be recalled that, by labeling as "Russian" baleful substance employed in Salisbury, May itself established two categories, on one hand leaders of Russian state and on or, subjects Over which state would have lost control.

More information
  • United Kingdom announces expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats for case of poisoned spy
  • Found dead Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov in his house in London

Without assuming May's conclusions, it may be useful to mention some features of current Russian system's functioning. On one hand re is official Russia, which formally acts in accordance with its laws and is organized around "verticals" of power that converge in Kremlin. On or, re is Russia of natural and legal persons, who move in an opaque area. They are "warriors, propagandists, and contractors" who can fulfill missions designed by Kremlin, but also exercise ir own initiatives. These two Russians run on different lanes and meetings between m are usually discreet and without media spotlights. The tests, when re are, are usually casual and available to Wasps, like a photo on social networks or a controversial character surprised in anteroom of a powerful. The relationship between se two Russias, which has played different roles in annexation of Crimea, war in east of Ukraine, and also in Syria, has a golden rule: state is awarded successes and disregards failures. It is what Russian graduate Yekaterina Shulman qualifies as a "offsourcing" of services.

If from Russia comes pernicious neurotoxic substance detected in Salisbury, it would be possible to think that manipulators of it are sectors that have access to it and are related in some way to "Technical warrior Dimension" of state. Poisoning on eve of elections in Russia may have an impact on image of president (both in favor and against, depending on what is presupposed and to which audience). Could more hardened and more anti-Western sectors of "collective Putin" that govern Russia try to create a situation without turning back to better build a fortress Russia? Could we speak of a "fidelization" of president for a radical and militaristic cause? This does not come from a knowledge of concrete facts but an attempt to consider different hyposes. An intelligent Russian colleague thinks that re are nuances between death of former agent Litvinienko (from a relentless logic of fact that establishes punishment of "traitors") and poisoning of Skripal, with dimensions more difficult to capture. In this second case re seems to be more elements of provocation than in brutal crime of guild logic, but who and for whom?


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