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Iceland, the crisis of the government: the father of the premier tentò clean up criminal record of a pedophile

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Iceland, the crisis of the government: the father of the premier tentò clean up criminal record of a pedophile
The crisis of government because of a grim scandal in Iceland: far of premier Bjarni White has caused break of coalition moderate, becauseé he had tried to use his influence to ask you to clean criminal record of a pedophile convicted in past for repeated violence to stepdaughter, a minor. “a luminous Future”, one of parties of majority, which has so far held all´Althingi, Parliament of small State, with just one seat, has decided to denounce case, and to break l´agreement of government. At this point, just eight months from last early parliamentary elections, everything is possible in Reykjavík: new elections, or difficult negotiations for new trade-offs that will come back to ensure governabilità.“a luminous Future” accusing l´entire conservative party prime minister of attempting to cover case. The protagonist of scandal is actually far of premier, this is mr. Benedikt Sveinsson. And´ accused of having written to authoritiesà to return l´honor, and that is, wedding ring clean (measure oretically possible according to laws of iceland, but not in every case and not for any crime) to this Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson. The who in 2004 was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for repeated sexual abuse of stepdaughter.The law allows convicted person to request to delete case from registry of criminal, but only under certain conditions. When Hauksson had asked for a criminal record wiped clean of its initiative, ministry of Justice had flatly rejected his demand. At that point, è intervened far of premier. Which had intervened, and had informed of her step son, head of government, since July. And premier apparently he had not told all. “This is too much, we are piú, can we not agree to continue to share responsibilityà government, before such a case of corruption and disonestà”, said leader of Future bright. At last parliamentary elections in iceland, in fact about eight months ago, we all expected a victory of Pirates, but instead of blocking conservative-to-moderate has won measuring.


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