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Iddef is building a tent city for the Arabanese Muslims

IDDEF (Federation of Human Associations) has been examining the region for permanent projects by delivering the aid gathered for the Arakanese Muslims who have sought refuge in Bangladesh.

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Iddef is building a tent city for the Arabanese Muslims

The Myanmar Army's attacks on Arakanese Muslims, along with fanatical Buddhists, have been continuing since August 25th. With beginning of events, number of Muslims who took refuge in refugee camps in Bangladesh Cox's Bazar passed Nef River over 500 thousand.

With arrival of new refugees in camps in region randomly established and inadequate conditions, in face of situation that brings humanitarian crisis, IDDEF ( federation of Value-giving societies) also launched an emergency aid campaign with slogan "Support for Arakan".

The aid of cash collected during ongoing campaign was distributed by Iddef officers who went to Arakan as same aid.

1100 Family Emergency food aid

The United Nations ' one of most tormented religious minorities ', and Arakanese thousand 100 families who tried to cling to life in camps in conditions threatening human health, were distributed for 1 week. The Muslims who sought refuge in camps were visited.


Bangladesh's interior Minister ' permanent Solution ' meeting was held

Stating that emergency food aid is not a permanent solution, IDDEF Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Turan, Bangladesh's interior Minister Asaduztime Khan, said y are consultations for permanent solutions. Noting that 250 thousand children in Bangladesh were in target of extremist groups when y lacked education, Turan said y would develop a permanent education-oriented solution for Arakanese Muslims in Bangladesh.

1000 family will be established tent city

250 years of oppression and violence, Rohingya Muslims have repeatedly been massacred in different dates, abandoned ir homes and lands, and sought refuge in neighbouring countries, including Bangladesh and Pakistan. Iddef, who has brought aid to region for last month of incidents, has decided to build a tent city for 1000 families in first place, as a result of talks with officials.


The electricity needs will be ensured by solar energy, 1000 family tent city for children's education, a mosque, four mosques, a hundred twenty-five water wells, two hundred and fifty toilets and bathrooms, for which water needs to be met. There will be a warehouse where health center, soup house and incoming provisions are to be maintained.

The association officials, which stated that y are working in 33 countries in country, will be opened in tent city, girl and men's madrasah, said Islamic education would be given in line of circumcision. In second place, Tent city project, which will be in capacity of ten thousand families, is held toger with Cemyeye'l Ulema, one of most influential non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh.


Arakanese Muslims await your support

The campaign launched for Arakan was specified at, calling call center number 0212 621 00 65, or writing Arakan and sending it to 1373.


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