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In October, Austria to the vote: the favourites are the popular Kurz

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In October, Austria to the vote: the favourites are the popular Kurz
VIENNA - Nothing will be as before, when  evening of October 15, first exit polls will design new austrian parliament. The polls give 31-year-old leader of popular Sebastian Kurz in net advantage over social democratic chancellor, outgoing Christian Kern and 's ultra-nationalist Heinz Christian Strache. Put back toger pieces of marriage aground between Spoe and Oevp it seems, at least for moment, a's impossible. Under Kurz popular you are instead much closer to positions of'extreme right Fpoe: toger y could form new government, as già occurred between 2000 and 2005.The parliament on Ringstrasse, in 130 years since its construction, is currently undergoing a radical restructuring. L'image of large yard lends itself perfectly to political situation in austrian, who is going through a phase of profound change. The protagonist of this campaign is young Foreign minister Kurz, who last spring took in hand helm of Oevp, bringing it in a matter of a few weeks in polls from third to first position.The sensational overtaking is due to a net exchange of positions of popular on immigrants, proposing to limit l'access to social benefits even for Eu citizens. In 'part of this metamorphosis desired by 'rottamatore' viennese, party has also changed colour, abandoning traditional black to turquoise, a new entry in ' rainbow of political parties in austria.In addition, written Oevp is gone from posters with l'enfant prodige of policy, with austrian replaced by a simple "Kurz 2017". Also l'address of internet site does not più reference to Oevp, but its leader.The 51-Kern è his first rival in this "campaign slim fit", as è was christened by press for designer dresses with a tight fit and is worn by both candidates. A year ago social democrat with a past as a successful manager recovering in polls on Fpoe, up to'arrival of 'even moreù young and innovative Kurz.A pò out-of-shape, not only with regard to l'dress, is leader xenophobic Strache. "Kurz è my first fan", he joked to secretary Fpoe Friday in Linz during l's only comparison of three candidates. In fact, young folk snatched hand me più caro, fight against "uncontrolled migration". The comparison of three è been a pò undertone, as so far whole campaign. No one wants to close door in face of a possible partner of coalition: it is not; in fact, excluding a government of social democrats and national-liberals, as not even a government 'multicolor' Spoe with Greens and or parties, liberals and left.It remains a' incognito new party of 'former leader of green Peter Pilz, break-up with his ex 'firm'. Resterà instead, probably out of parliament, Cricket in austria, stand-up comedian Roland Dueringer, who has founded a party of protest, but so far, not è managed to collect l'attention of media and popular leader M5s. On 15 October, this is certain, loser of duel between Kern and Kurz avrà days numbered at head of his party.


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