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In Syria, the convoy of the jihadists of the EI has reached its destination in spite of the threats of the coalition

A convoy composed originally of more than 300 jihadists parties in Lebanon joined the territories of the organization islamic State in Syria.

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In Syria, the convoy of the jihadists of the EI has reached its destination in spite of the threats of the coalition

A convoy, originally composed of more than 300 jihadists parties in Lebanon joined territories of organization islamic State in Syria.

The ceremony in night from 13 to 14 September by organization islamic State (EI) to Hezbollah, Ahmed Maatouq, a young fighter from militia of shiite lebanese held, has closed permanently so-called case of " bus air-conditioned EI ".

The convoy was blocked for two weeks in syrian desert after being attacked by international coalition as he tried to reach territories controlled by organisation jihadist. He finally joined Wednesday, September 13, city of Al-Mayadin, a bastion of EI in valley of Euphrates, according to a source from Hezbollah. Al-Manar, television of shi'ite group, has announced its arrival in a " zone controlled by ARS in region of Deir ez-Zor ".

The result is a small blow to international coalition, which had promised to stop him, but that had to be solved under pressure of Russians, it was hindering air operations.

An agreement unexpected between organization islamic State and Hezbollah had been allowed, August 28, 310 and jihadists 331 civilians to evacuate area of Qalamoun, straddling Lebanon and Syria, at end of a week of fighting between AR and armed lebanese and syrian, and Hezbollah. The lebanese group, which ousted last of fighters of reaction of syrian-lebanese border, while sparing fighting what he considered unnecessary, had passage negotiated an exchange of bodies and prisoners, with group's jihadi.

The agreement has, neverless, provoked wrath of Baghdad, iraqi authorities have not been consulted. The iraqi prime minister, Haïder Al-Abadi, having thus said to be "very concerned" about transfer "unacceptable" of jihadists at border of his country.

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The international coalition had originally promised that it would never allow fighters of AR parties in Lebanon to reach territory controlled by group is jihadist in Syria : "If y still try to send people in this direction, we will continue to attack m ", threatened on September 1, his spokesman, colonel Ryan Dillon. The american officer felt that he was out of question to allow ARS to transfer fighters from one region to anor : "The EI is a global threat and move terrorists from one place to anor (...) is not a sustainable solution. "The same Ryan Dillon stated Thursday morning from Baghdad that" it had no comment to make " regarding arrival of jihadists to ir final destination.

day before air

on The 30th of August, two air strikes of international coalition had blocked 17 buses loaded with veterans of ARS, several ambulances carrying wounded, and escort of Hezbollah, hitting a bridge and damaging road near village of Soukhna, on four-way M20 which connects cities of Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor.

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Then, situation has remained blocked until 8 September. The international coalition provided a standby air continuously above 11 of 17 bus – 6 have returned back towards an unknown destination – to prevent m from advancing towards Deir-ez-Zor. Hezbollah, which had, refore, not get his fighter Ahmed Maatouq, was fulminating against "american interference" and has supplied convoy with food and water.

The offensive of syrian government forces in direction of Deir ez-Zor, where y have broken siege that imposed AR for three years with an enclave government, will change situation : territory newly taken over by Damascus extends from 5 September to region of Soukhna. And Russia, whose planes supported troops of Damascus to ground, informed international coalition that "sleep air" that she keeps above convoy of AR hinders its own operations in area, and requires that it put an end to. It is done on 8 September : "The surveillance aircraft of coalition have left air space adjacent to [ convoy] at request of Russian officials in framework during ir attack on Deir ez-Zor ", admits while US Central Command.

Anecdotal at military level, transfer finally successful fighters of AR it is no less revealing of complexity of relations of force on ground in syria. In Face of intransigence supposed of international coalition, eventually, military interests immediate of Moscow and Damascus, which have award-winning and have allowed jihadists to join ir – mselves defeated on western shore of Deir ez-Zor offensive russo-syrian.


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