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India launches inspection of mother Teresa's centers on suspicion of baby trafficking

The Government orders the records after a nun and a social worker were arrested for the sale of a minor

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India launches inspection of mother Teresa's centers on suspicion of baby trafficking

The Ministry of Women and development of children of India has ordered investigation of all foster homes of children managed by Missionaries of Charity, a Catholic order created by Mor Teresa of Calcutta in 1950, in face of suspicion of baby trafficking. Doubts about organization's illegal practices are preceded by case that came to light earlier this month. Then, Jharkhand State authorities, east of country, closed one of shelters for pregnant single women and detained one of nuns and anor social worker for selling a baby at hospice administered by order at Ranchi, capital of That state.

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"Noting recent cases of illegal adoptions carried out by Missionaries of Charity in Jharkhand, Maneka Gandhi [ Minister of Women and Children] has urged States to immediately inspect all foster homes for children Managed by missionaries, "explains ministry's statement. Local media estimate that order manages up to 30 orphanages. The leaders of religious congregation have refused to comment on decision of executive, although y had already been surprised by case uncovered a few weeks ago. "We are completely shocked by what has happened in our Ranchi foster home [...] It never should have happened. It's against our moral convictions. We are looking closely at issue, " religious communiqué was read.

The complaint to hospice of Sisters of Charity of Ranchi not only led to arrest of workers for proven sale of a baby in exchange for about 1,500 euros, but investigation of three or cases of traffic of minors in center.

For past three years, Catholic congregation is not linked to new adoption system in India; That allows for participation of single, divorced or separated persons. However, activist for rights of minor in Ranchi, Baidnath Kumar, revealed to this newspaper that he had previously denounced illegal operation of order and brought more than 200 complaints for trafficking in children in state of Jharkhand.

30 million orphans

According to data from National Commission for Protection of rights of child, re are more than 230,000 minors in official and unauthorized shelters, but some estimates account for up to 30 million orphaned children in India. Despite a waiting list that exceeds 12,000 applicants, only 2,671 adoptions have taken place since 2016 and March of this year due to a slow process that requires tedious judicial permits that can be extended to four years. As a result, a lucrative black market has been born and its dimension is unknown.

In February last year, West Bengal police, a border state with Jharkhand, closed an adoption centre accused of having sold up to 17 minors to couples in Europe, United States and Asia. Considered by activists as one of epicenters of baby trafficking in India, West Bengal is also headquarters of Sisters of Charity in Asian country; Since his capital, Calcutta, gave name to Mor Teresa, creator of order.

Despite indications, political leaders of state and of neighbouring Jharkhand accuse authorities of using case of traffic against religious congregation; Scapegoat, according to m, of an anti-Christian crusade of ruling party, of Hindu nationalist ideology. In same line, Bishop of Ranchi publicly denounced that confession of one of detainees was obtained under pressure and accused police of "treating entire organization of mor Teresa as a criminal gang."

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