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Indonesia: A giant python defeated and eaten by villagers

Along nearly 8 meters, the serpent had attacked a vigil who had tried to capture him. The intervention of villagers allowed the man to save life.

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Indonesia: A giant python defeated and eaten by villagers
A giant python that had attacked a vigil patrolling in an oil palm plantation ended up on plate of villagers of Gansal, a sub-district of island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

On Saturday 30 September, during his round, Robert Nababan fell on reptile. "The python measured 7.8 m long, it was huge," said local police chief. The 37-year-old vigil, who sometimes likes to eat snake, tried to capture him with a jute bag, but animal did not let him and bit his left arm, missing to cut him out.

Villagers n came to rescue of Mr. Nababan; One hit snake to make him let go, which saved life of vigil, seriously wounded, pointed to chief of police. The villagers n killed snake, exposed it before cutting it, frying it and n eating it.

The people of Indonesia, Souast Asian archipelago, often encounter giant pythons, a species that lives in tropical forests. In March, a missing Indonesian had been found dead in stomach of a 7-m python that had swallowed it near an oil palm plantation.


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