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Inspectors enter Duma 10 days after the chemical weapons attack, according to Damascus

The United States ensures that international investigators have not yet been able to begin their mission

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Inspectors enter Duma 10 days after the chemical weapons attack, according to Damascus

Ten days after chemical attack denounced in Duma, international inspectors have entered town on outskirts of Damascus this Tuesday to initiate field investigations. Without images that attesting it or official confirmation of its superiors in The Hague, information comes from state television and official SANA agency. Despite being found in Syrian capital since Saturday, team of researchers had not been able to undertake its mission for security reasons arguments by Syrians and Russians, who control old rebel enclave.

The United States believes that Inspectors have not yet been able to begin ir field mission, reports Reuters. In connection with information from Damascus, State Department spokesman, Hear Nauert, stated: "In our opinion, team (of investigators) has not entered Duma." The recordings of videos of civilians allegedly intoxicated by poisonous gas on day 7 in Duma — which at that time was in hands of rebel militias — distributed by rescue groups and toilets linked to opposition, blew up alarms International.

Before Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) could highlight its inspectors, and in face of indications that a new chemical weapons attack had been recorded in Syria with dozens of fatalities, United States led a week Then a punishment operation against installations of Bashar al-Assad regime related to production and stockpiling of prohibited weapons.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered yesterday in an official statement "very likely that evidence and essential elements have disappeared" from place where facts occurred. At start of ir task 10 days after complaint, experts face risk of not being able to obtain consistent evidence. OPCW rules indicate that samples available on ground should be collected within a maximum period of 24 to 48 hours after an attack.

The American ambassador to OPCW, Kenneth Ward, who accused Russia and Syria on Monday of being blocking work of international mission, also expressed suspicion that Damascus and Moscow are trying to manipulate evidence. Syrian government forces and Russian military police patrol in streets of Duma since last Saturday, when last insurgents of Jeish al-Islam abandoned enclave after having negotiated surrender.

After reconquest of Duma, main city of insurgent region of eastern Guta, Syrian Army began yesterday a new offensive against a Semidespoblada zone controlled by Islamic State in south of Damascus. The purpose of operation is to evict jihadists from Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmuk, also partly occupied by militias of former Al Nusra Front (a subsidiary).

A thousand rebel combatants from Jaish to Islam who were besieged in nearby district of Dumeir agreed to be evacuated after sealing a capitulation pact with government troops. With se offensives, regime of El Asad is preparing to regain control over all insurrectionary bastions that continued to resist around capital.


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