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Iranian statement from US Secretary of State Tillerson

US Secretary of State Tillerson announced that Iran will not be withdrawn from the nuclear treaty.

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Iranian statement from US Secretary of State Tillerson

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reports that his country will not withdraw from nuclear treaty with Iran at this stage, but that President Donald Trump would ask Congress to reconsider agreement.

Speaking to reporters at State Department, Tillerson gave information about Iranian statement that Trump will make today.

The United States will remain bound to nuclear agreement with Iran now, Tillerson noted, however, that White House would not do so in this time statement stating that "Iran complied with rules of Agreement".

First time not granted approval

Tillerson stressed that it would not be first time that US administration was signed in 2015 and said that "Iran complied with terms of agreement" every 3 months. He also expressed that Trump would ask Congress to work on a process that will reconsider and assess agreement.


"Iran and nuclear treaty do not comply with U.S. interests," he said in Trump's speech, Tillerson said, as soon as new sanctions were brought to Iran, Congress would ask for a comprehensive Iranian strategy to open area.

Since election campaign, Iran is expected to announce that nuclear treaty has been a very bad deal and that US President, Trump, will determine fate of nuclear treaty today.

The nuclear treaty, signed in 2015 by Iran and P5 1 countries (USA, UK, China, France, Russia and Germany), was one of Trump's most contested subjects since election campaign period.

After coming to mission, Trump, describing nuclear treaty with Iran as "one of worst deals made in U.S. history", was giving a message that he would take tough steps on Tehran.


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