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Iraq holds to the families of the ISIS

Several NGOS documented the existence of a field on the outskirts of Mosul, with 1,400 women and children linked to the jihadists

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Iraq holds to the families of the ISIS

Several NGOS documented existence of a field on outskirts of Mosul, with 1,400 women and children linked to jihadists

Several organizations that work with displaced persons in immediate vicinity of city of Mosul, in norrn Iraq, have documented existence of a detention camp in which Government keeps locked up to hundreds of families formed by women and children, foreign nationals linked to Islamic State (ISIS, its acronym in English). Baghdad keeps se families in a regime of exclusion in town of Hammam al Alil, 30 kilometres south of capital of province of Nineveh. Among foreigners in this field re western, according to information recavadas by se NGOS. Many of families lived in Tel Afar, an enclave on syrian border-iraqi, lost on 27th of August. This town has been vital in recruitment and cross precisely of foreign fighters to ranks of ISIS.

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The NGO Norwegian Council for refugees (NCR, its acronym in English), with good experience in region, has been one of first organizations that has denounced existence of a field with family members of jihadists of ISIS. According to this newspaper NCR, which assists displaced with food, latrines and tents, re are half a thousand women, many children and some elderly men and men with a disability. The NCR, who prefers not to reveal exact location of families, alleged that iraqi Government does not allow to leave resort to families, so that it is an "arrest de facto".

The researcher of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Bellis WIlle has been able to access this week to interior of field. HRW will draw to a report in next few days, but has advanced some of data collected: re are about 1,400 foreign nationals located in field of Hammam al Alil, open since October, month in which began offensive to seize ISIS-Mosul, birthplace of his caliphate in Iraq. According to what Wille has been able to ascertain, foreign locked away, re are women who travelled to Iraq to join ISIS. Among nationalities, majority from fishing grounds east of jihadist group: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Chechnya, but also Syria and Trinidad and Tobago —small country of caribbean which maintains a ratio of jihadists per capita very high.

The 19th of June, governing council of Mosul, issued a directive in which he said that families of ISIS had to be "rehabilitated" both psychologically as well as ideologically. Baghdad opened for this purpose a field in Bartalla, 14 miles, in which stayed at largely to families of iraqis linked to terrorist organization. Shortly after, Bartalla was closed and displaced were relocated between Hammam al Alil and Jadah.

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future Is unknown and to offer iraqi Government to se foreign families, although council of government of Mosul has been suggested that if re are links with crimes of ISIS could return to ir homes. The NGOS present in area have called on Baghdad to respect ir rights as displaced persons of war and allow ir free movement. As has been documented by HRW, field of Hammam al Alil is fenced and controlled by military.

The jihadist group led by iraqi Abubaker al Baghdadi has attracted thousands of women to self-proclaimed caliphate established in summer of 2014 on both sides of border syrian-iraqi. However, and unlike its predecessor, Al Qaeda in Iraq, ISIS has moved away from woman's role fighter and has maintained as its central task rearing of pups of group and care of men fighters. This doctrine, however, has shifted slightly in recent days and after heavy defeat suffered by group in Mosul. On basis of a recent report by Center for combating Terrorism at West Point (USA), July issue of journal Rumiyah, one of publications of head of ISIS, devotes considerable space to woman in which it is said that you must be ready to "go with courage and sacrifice to this war." This report, signed by analysts Charlie Winter and Devorah Margolin, is done in addition to echo information on use of women suicide during battle of Mosul.


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