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Is this killer too sick for death?

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Is this killer too sick for death?

Columbus, Ohio – Alva Campbell (69) is scheduled to be executed on November 15, but his lawyers are fighting for life of convicted murderer. Their argument: The death candidate is too sick for executioner.

Campbell is badly drawn: he needs a walker, must carry a bag for gastric secretions, gets oxygen several times a day due to asthma and pulmonary emphysema, and may have lung cancer.

Paralysis faked

The lawyers also refer to difficult youth of ir client: Campbell should have been mistreated and sexually abused as a child. First in parents ' house, later also in children's homes.

"'s development has suffered severely in se circumstances, it was impossible for him to become a responsible adult aged," wrote defender David Stebbins in his request for clemency.

Death penalty in USA
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    Three-killer Derrick Charles (32) was executed in U.S. state of Texas, although he was considered to be mentally ill. Why?

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► 1997, Campbell had faked a paralysis and sat in a wheelchair. But on way to a court hearing because of a number of armed robberies, he overwhelmed a deputy sheriff and robbed his rifle.

He n abducted an 18-year-old in his car, wandered through area for hours, before killing teenager with two head shots.

Also interesting

Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said that Campbell was "a criminal since earliest youth and up to age". To lead killer's illnesses to his protection, he called ludicrous – after all, Campbell faked a disease to commit murder.

The decision to appeal against execution of death sentence is planned for 20 October.

With 15 in jail – now executed

In meantime, a prisoner was executed in state of Texas, who had been in jail since age of 15. Robert Pruett (38) was executed by US authorities on Thursday evening (local time) because of assassination of a prison guard.

Robert Pruett was 15 years old when he came to prison. Thursday evening (local time) he was in Texas HingerichtetFoto:/AP Photo/DPA

The Supreme Court of United States had rejected last remedies against execution of death sentence – although clear evidence against Pruett was missing!

Pruett was arrested as a 15-year-old as a suspected accomplice of his far in a murder case. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison. It was based on a highly controversial law in Texas, according to which an accomplice gets same punishment as murderer.

So take doomed farewell

Five years later, Pruett was sentenced to death – because he was to have stabbed a prison guard.

He had written a negative report about him. Pruett has always denied deed and called himself a victim of a conspiracy. Clear evidence of his guilt was missing. His execution was twentieth this year in U.S. and sixth in Texas.

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