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Israeli army destroys Hamas tunnel on Gaza border

The operation takes place amidst the protests by Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

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Israeli army destroys Hamas tunnel on Gaza border
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The Israeli army has announced that it has destroyed a tunnel excavated under Gaza border, in second operation of this type in six weeks, near Jan Yunis (souast). At a telephone press conference with correspondents, a military spokesman said this Sunday that underground had been built by Islamist movement Hamas, which de facto governs in Gaza Strip. On 28 October, a tunnel belonging to Al-Quds brigades, military wing of Islamic Jihad, was dynamited by Israeli forces in an action in which a dozen militiamen were killed. This time it has not been resorted to an explosion, but to a command operation, and at moment it is unknown if re are mortal casualties. Israel asserts that it has discovered se tunnels through a new PATA technology system to detect its location.  The demolished tunnel in last hours extends from a rural area of Jan Yunis to vicinity of Kibbutz Nirim, on Israeli territory.

Israel considers that tunnels that penetrate its territory from Gaza are offensive targets that must be destroyed in order to prevent armed groups from infiltrating ir territory in order to perpetrate attacks or commit kidnappings. In recent months, construction of an underground wall has accelerated around 65 kilometres of border with Gaza Strip. This project of Israeli Ministry of Defense to block attacks on ground against populations near border has a budget of 3 billion of shequels (750 million euros). During summer War of 2014 (Operation Protective margin) Israel located and destroyed 31 tunnels on Gaza border. Military intelligence services estimated last August that re were still about 15 subterranean passageways still operational.

The operation takes place in a moment of great tension, after President of United States, Donald Trump, it recognized Wednesday with Jerusalem as capital of Israel and ordered relocating of its embassy from Tel Aviv. Hundreds of young people clashed this Sunday with Israeli security forces in several populations of West Bank, such as access to city of Bethlehem or refugee camp of Arrub.

In central Jerusalem, a 24-year-old Palestinian from West Bank stabbed a security guard, also in Twenties, at central bus station, causing serious injuries to chest. The aggressor was reduced and detained by security forces.

The Palestinian parties have called for furr mobilization against Trump's decision. Fatah, power training in West Bank, has called on Sunday to seven or days of Wrath. Hamas insists on calling a new intifada from Gaza Strip, following death of two of its militiamen in early Saturday morning, in an Israeli bombardment that also caused 25 wounded, including a young child. The air strike was a reprisal for launch of three rockets from Palestinian enclave, one of which impacted on city of Sderot, where it caused material damage.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced through one of his spokespersons that he has cancelled his meeting with Vice President of United States, Mike Pence, who plans to travel to region this month, following unilateral decision of White House on Statute of Jerusalem.

Also, Pope Tawadros II, of Orthodox Coptic Church of Egypt, has also cancelled a meeting with Pence, envisaged in Cairo, alleging that Washington's decision on Jerusalem "despises sentiments of millions of Arabs." Al-Azhar's great imam has also refused to meet with US Vice president.


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