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Israeli police accuse Netanyahu in two cases of corruption and bribery

The investigators recommend that the Prime Minister, who announces that he will remain in office

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Israeli police accuse Netanyahu in two cases of corruption and bribery

The Israeli police anti-fraud brigade formally indicted this Tuesday of corruption on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aged 68. The policemen, who have been investigating president and his entourage for nearly two years and who have interrogated him on six occasions, recommend to Public Prosecutor's office to be charged for cofact, having bagged a million shequels (about 250,000 euros) in gifts Billionaires, and by conflict of interest for ir dealings with owner of a mass media group. Netanyahu, who seemed to expect police announcement since last week, denied being bribed and announced he will remain in office.

"Police concluded that re is sufficient evidence against prime minister to indict him for accepting bribes, fraud and abuse of confidence," an official statement of police Services said. In Israel it is common for agents to make public ir findings and ir recommendations for imputation before transferring m to attorney General and judiciary, who are ones who ultimately formulate accusations and prosecution, if any. In 60% of cases, justice does not follow proposals of police imputation, as Israeli press recalled this Tuesday.

"These recommendations have no legal value in any democratic country," Netanyahu said on television. "I will continue to lead Israel with responsibility and commitment," proclaimed prime minister, who during course of investigations and interrogations has repeated as a mantra, "re will be nothing, because re was never anything", to imply that research They have little consistency.

No obligation to resign

The Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, said prime Minister is not legally obliged to resign after police indictment. The Israeli Supreme Court had rejected on Monday a request of supporters of prime Minister to ban to police recommending accusations against senior officials, reports agency EFE. The High court said re was no legal reason for "interfering with police acts." Netanyahu was meeting with his lawyers last night to prepare his defense strategy.

The Lahav 433, Anti-crime unit of Israeli police equivalent to FBI, has narrowed over 2017 siege around two cases of corruption involving Netanyahu, who is at head of government since 2009.

The Police act in Israel with remarkable independence. As a result of his investigations, former Hebrew state president Moshe Katsav, sentenced in 2010 for rape and sexual assaults, was jailed for five years. The investigations also helped to keep deputy head of government Ehud Olmert in jail for more than 14 months, convicted of real estate corruption offenses in 2016, and had to relinquish office in 2009.


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