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"It was the government of Madrid that made me a pro-independence"

Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated in Barcelona against police violence.

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The day of Tuesday 3 October in Catalonia had begun with a general strike, convened by several organizations of pro-independence movement, and supported by generality ( Catalan executive), to protest against excesses of forces Riot on day of referendum.

Hundreds of thousands of people – 700 000 according to local police – mobilized at student demonstrations, wrapped up in "Esteladas" ("The Starry", flag of pro-independence), nationalist sympathizers and Ordinary citizens, outraged by violence that national police had used against referendum participants on Sunday.

Red carnations and messages of peace

Very close to Basilica of Sagrada Familia, hundreds of people gared in front of Ramon-Llull school where, on election day, violent clashes between law enforcement officers and activists came to defend polling stations. Families came with ir children, who hung red carnations and messages of peace at school gates.

"It was government of Madrid that made me a separatist by refusing to negotiate," assures Manel Llamas, who came to protest with her two daughters of 5 and 2 years. But I also want to be told what independence one can establish in Catalonia, because nationalist parties have completely different ideas on matter, and I do not like those of Pdecat [ party of Carles Puigdemont]. »

"My son Marco asked me this morning if police were bad," says Nuria Gusjeu. I explained to him that he had nothing to fear, but that it would happen that agents, obedient to a repressive government, could commit violent acts. What happened Sunday "has radicalized many people," she says with conviction. It was before King's speech, which shocked many Catalans.


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