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Italian fascism is reborn in the height of xenophobia

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Italian fascism is reborn in the height of xenophobia

The Italian Parliament approved a draft law to ban fascist propaganda

Fascism of 'third millennium'

The sign that welcomes you to beach 'Punta Canna' of Chioggia, in Veneto region, leaves no room to interpretations: "Zone undemocratic, and regime". The bar at poolside snack bar is filled with posters that praise figure of Benito Mussolini. Gianni Scarpa, owner entertains his customers with proclamations fascists, hymns and speeches nostalgic of former regime. 150 miles away, in city of Udine, family Lunardelli produces wine from more than twenty years ago with face of Hitler, or 'Il Duce' overprinted on label of bottle.

The Italian Government wants to end fascist propaganda and has already taken first step. The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Tuesday a draft law which prohibits production and distribution of images, objects, or contents favorable to fascist regime and nazi party German, or that make direct reference to two dictators. The text, which must be voted on in Senate before its final adoption, provides penalties than two years of prison. Also smite some symbolic gestures such as greeting 'roman'.

The draft law, proposed by ruling Democratic Party, modify existing regulations with respect to advocacy of fascism, until now it only prohibits those acts that have as a goal to resurrect Fascist Party of Mussolini. The bill has been approved with opposition of Five Stars Movement, which has been defined as "demagogic", of Norrn League, who consider it an offense against freedom of expression, and of Forza Italia, who wanted text to be spreading communism.

"After 75 years berate a person because you sell a bottle with face of Mussolini is laughable", says Roberto Fiore, leader of movement to Force New. This party is ultra-nationalist, who was born 20 years ago and has more than a hundred venues spread around country, has convened for next October 28th, a demonstration in centre of Italian capital. The same day on which y meet 95 years of March on Rome with Mussolini, n-leader of National Fascist Party and accompanied by more than 30,000 'black shirts', came to capital in order to establish a dictatorial government which served as inspiration to Hitler and Franco.

despite explicit prohibition of mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, Fiore insists that it is a march "patriotic" and not think to take a step back. "Italy is not divided between fascists and anti-fascists. This distinction should be only to leaders who support invasion of immigrants who want to destroy middle class, family and fundamental principles of nation", explains to THE WORLD. "All se years of bad government makes us think that in background of a State where re was no unemployment or public deficits, and re was a middle class was not as disastrous".

The rise of xenophobia, perfect context

New Strength takes more than a year organizing rounds of citizens in middle of night and in neighborhoods where re is a higher number of immigrants. Its leader ensures that se 'walks up', as have been baptized, are only intended to protect women and elderly of threat foreign. Last weekend it was turn of Tiburtina. Around 60 people, including some taxi drivers and ultras of football teams, all men, walked streets of this neighborhood on outskirts of rome, despite ban of local authorities. "we will rebuild city. Rome for romans", said one of organisers of event. The police intervened and arrested three people.

The party failed to overcome in last general election of 2013, minimum threshold of votes to enter Parliament, but your leader if he held a seat as an mep in 2007 as a representative of coalition Alternative Social. The main objective of this extreme right-wing movement today is struggle against law of 'Ius Soli', that takes months to complete in Parliament, and that provides for granting of Italian citizenship to children of immigrants born in peninsula.

"immigration is a negative factor. It is useless to deny it. Immigrants create insecurity, and we spread ir diseases". Fiore recalled case of a girl who died last week at Trent because of a malaria of who, even today, doctors have not managed to identify root of contagion. "And what about four african who raped a tourist in Polish on beach in Rimini? Not if you know that one of m had tuberculosis," he insists. The leader of New Force, who is married and has 11 children, was convicted in 1985 for belonging to an armed group and association subversive. He fled to London and returned to Italy 20 years later, when offences prescribed. "I am not ashamed of my past. It was a condemnation of policy, never committed any crime."

New Strength is not only movement neo-fascist that has emerged in Italy in last years. Rome for romans, or Casa Pound are getting more and more consensus among italians thanks to ir harangue against immigration, Ngo that saves lives in Mediterranean and fear. According to a study by European Observatory on safety and Security 46% of italians are afraid of immigrants. It is highest value of last ten years. A perfect breeding ground for rise of movements fascist.


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