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Italy approves new electoral law

The Senate, in a chaotic vote that has raised the protests of the half of the house, gives the green light to a system agreed between Berlusconi and Renzi

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Italy approves new electoral law

Italy is now ready to convene elections. After months of entanglement and failure in design of a new electoral law, Senate has definitively approved rule on Thursday to hold elections in spring. The controversial new standard bets on a mixed, proportional and majority system, and that will require vast majorities to govern. As happened in process of Parliament and fear of possible amendments to law and famous snipers, government has undergone a motion of confidence with which it has avoided possible contingencies in a law agreed, mainly , between Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi. However, at last minute it has also been necessary to come to rescue of new law small political groups that, sure, will be charged movement in next election. The final result has been 214 yeses and 61 not.

The Democratic Party (PD) came to Senate having agreed to Rosatellum Bis (named after Deputy Ettore Rosato) with Forza Italia and North League. Probably both formations will concur with elections toger forming a right-wing coalition with xenophobic Fratelli di Italia, and will be favored by new norm, which proposes that 36% of seats, both of House of Deputies and of Senate , are assigned with a majority system of single-member constituencies and remaining 64% with proportional.

A mixed model emerged from political tightrope to content different groups, but which can lead to a situation of ungovernability. In end, y can only govern forces that exceed 40% of votes, something that now only seems within reach of right coalition — Forza Italia, Fratelli di Italia and North League — but that could end up reissuing, as everyone presumes, famous pact Of Nazarene between Berlusconi and Renzi (Forza Italia and PD). The Secretary general of PD, in fact, did not hide in an interview with country last Sunday that only way to avoid it will be reaching 40% of votes.

The 5 Stelle Movement (M5S), angered by passage of a law that, according to simulations, will make m lose up to 30 representatives in Parliament — because y refuse to concur in a coalition —, has described it as a "" The "" "". Throughout Wednesday he summoned his followers in Plaza del Panon and began a protest that continues Thursday at gates of Senate. In fact, while approving rule, his senators have left Madama Palace and have concentrated on street.

Senator Denis Verdini, a former collaborator of Silvio Berlusconi in golden stage of Forza Italia, has been instrumental in vote by contributing to his senators. "We have safeguarded stability." We have already been on or occasions loyal with [Enrico] Letta, with Renzi and with Gentiloni, he has defended, in reference to last prime ministers, before criticisms that already suggest that will be charged support looking for a position in a future government, as y work Always in Italy this type of movement. In fact, Berlusconi's support — to whom law is in best way — also has its own personal quota, allowing head of list to be a disabled person. In this way, Il Cavaliere could appear and lead whole process, beyond that it cannot later be elected if Strasbourg court does not lift veto that weighs on it for tax fraud.


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