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Italy fakes to block the summit to achieve its migratory demands

"Migration can decide the fate of the EU," warns Chancellor Angela Merkel

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Italy fakes to block the summit to achieve its migratory demands

Migration shakes European agenda at moment of lower flow pressure since crisis of 2015: That year more than one million immigrants entered Europe; As far as 2018 only 43,000, according to UNHCR data. It does not matter: political tensions in Germany, with a government that hangs by refugee movement, and ardor of Antinmigración speech in Italy heated yesterday atmosphere of Summit of Heads of State and Government, mainly focused on this Conflict. The start was resounding. "Migration can decide fate of European Union," warned chancellor Angela Merkel, aware that her own fate is also on eaves. Merkel is forging first agreements with European countries — including Spain — to share part of responsibility for this collective. Italy, in meantime, threatened to veto outcome of European Council if it did not achieve its purpose: that or States should also treat foreigners who have arrived irregularly to ir territory.

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At that summit of all or nothing, leaders clung to one of few ideas that arouses — with nuances — consensus. These are landing platforms that European Union wants to finance outside its borders to bring in migrants who embark on dangerous road to European soil. The rulers intend to give political mandate so that this idea, on which re are many more questions than certainties, begins to materialize. The only sure thing is that only people who are rescued in waters outside European territory can be transported re. If migrant arrives in Community waters, he must be taken to an EU port.

Merkel already alluded to that model just to reach summit. "We can talk about landing of ships in or countries, for example in North Africa. But we have to talk to those countries, we can't do it behind ir backs, "he reasoned. The German leader was thus trying to anticipate possible suspicions of those candidate countries — diplomats place m in North Africa — to host platforms. Morocco has already rejected that possibility. The Council, which represents Member States, intends to initiate talks "as soon as possible" to find potential allies.

Widening spectrum a bit, French president, Emmanuel Macron, said: "There is work to be done outside borders of Europe, on borders and within Europe, based on two principles: responsibility and solidarity", he summed up. Also Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, referred to se two pillars and asked to practise solidarity with Germany, destination of bulk of refugees arrived in Europe between 2015 and 2016. Something that Berlin only did with a dropper throughout euro crisis.

Paris and Madrid, Europe's new hard core, seek to save Merkel's head. Rome, however, seems ready to torpedo summit if its proposals are not heard. "The EU must transform declarations of solidarity into concrete facts; Orwise, veto is a possibility, "said Italian prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The EU has seen several times in past possibility of establishing an external facility to contain migrants on or side of Mediterranean. Without ever fixing it, that is spirit that has inspired EU's migratory policies in recent years, with extraordinary funds to finance policies of voluntary returns from migrants to ir countries of origin and also for direct containment of flows For example, by training Libyan coast Guard and supplying him with material.

But Community bloc has now found key to deepen this possible infrastructure: United Nations ' endorsement. Two agencies of that organization — refugee, UNHCR, and migration, IOM — wrote on Wednesday to European Commission presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council, Donald Tusk, to endorse this project. Noneless, se agencies continue to advocate for landing on safest site in EU "and potentially also elsewhere."

Platforms and Mafias

Rar than creating a centre for care of migrants and clarifying re who are entitled to asylum and who is not, Brussels expects that mention of that platform, even before it is built, discourages mafias that smuggle migrants. The reason is that, as re are no prospects of reaching Community club, route loses interest, promoters of this idea trust. Sources of Council cite as an example pact signed with Turkey in 2016, which drastically reduced arrivals of Syrian refugees from Turkish coasts to Greeks because it was announced that all would be returned to neighboring country, where y allegedly enjoyed a European-equivalent protection.

Aware that all proposals that generate accessions are more of a migratory containment than management of flows, President of European Council, Donald Tusk, Escudó risk that most radical speeches will succeed. Some may think I'm very my proposals. But believe me, if we don't agree on that, you'll see truly tough proposals for really tough guys, "he slipped.

Of all interventions, none as hard as that of Hungarian Prime Minister, ultraconservative Viktor Orbán. "We will do what people really ask: No more migrants within EU and those who are, must be expelled," he proclaimed after maintaining his claim that Europe lives an "invasion" with arrival of irregulars.

The European Union has always been an idea in search of a reality. Over last 10 years reality was very crude: a virtually existential crisis that was about to shatter European project. But big crises are at end of politics: unfailing policies. And re, in politics, European polycrisis has ended: political hysteria of leaders like Orbán has no real basis. The flows have fallen to lead from million long entries of 2015 to less than 50,000 as far as 2018.

Merkel negotiates bilateral agreements

In hardest part of euro crisis, German chancellor Angela Merkel, supported in Brussels and Frankfurt, pressed for at least two governments to fall: Italian Silvio Berlusconi and Greek Yorgos Papandreou. The rales of migratory crisis have now put Merkel on sidelines: Chancellor maneuvered this Thursday on margins of summit to achieve bilateral agreements to save party ball at home. Spain and France are close to that agreement. Even Greece has given Merkel a green light.


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