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Japan was considering early general elections

Prime minister Shinzo Abe could dissolve the lower house of the parliament in order to elect new members to a time when the opposition has yet to be rebuilt.

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Japan was considering early general elections
The japanese Prime minister, Shinzo Abe, plans to dissolve lower house of parliament and call for early general elections by end of year, said on Sunday, September 17, several media japanese citing sources close.

" According to people of majority, Prime minister met with chairman of party, Komeito (a member of ruling coalition) and told him that he did not exclude possibility of a dissolution " in course of extraordinary session of Parliament scheduled to begin on 28 September, has explained chain of public television NHK.

The private channel Nippon TV and several newspapers that provide similar information.

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Scandals and desertions

in doing so, Mr. Abe would cause a national election a year before term of office of deputies, taking advantage of fact that opposition is not in working order, main formation, democratic Party from changing president, and facing desertions and scandals.

head of The government since end of 2012 cut off as grass under feet of governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, who are on loan to national ambitions through extension of movement Tomin First (" citizens of capital first ") she created for recent election for renewal of assembly of Tokyo, won upper hand at expense of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) headed by Abe.

A time in freefall in opinion polls, because of several scandals and suspicions of favoritism toward friends, popularity rating of Abe administration is picking up se last few days, especially because of his stance against north Korean threat is growing.

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Mr. Abe had already led to early parliamentary elections at end of 2014, offering a broad victory in an election turned into a referendum for or against its policy of economic stimulus abenomics.


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