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Japan, young reporter dead in 2013: Killed by too much work

The outcome of the investigation into the death of Miwa Sado is very clear: the heart attack was caused by an excess of work ">05 Ekim 2017 Perşembe 01:03 - 20 reads.

Japan, young reporter dead in 2013: Killed by too much work
At a distance of four years, causes of death of a young reporter have been revealed. To kill her with a heart attack in 2013 was excess of work. They declared it Japanese labour inspectors. Miwa Sado worked for NHK television station in Tokyo headquarters. Before dying, he had accumulated 159 hours of overtime per month with only two days off. The ' evil ' of superwork, in Japanese karojisatsu that literally means "suicide due to excess of work", in country of rising sun reaps victims every year, between infarcts and suicides. In 2015 at least 2,159 people took ir lives for work-related causes. The case of Miwa reopens question that government never really dealt with. The announcement of cause of his death comes to one year after deaths of anor young employee of an advertising agency, who at time had scatento furious controversy over Japanese lifestyle and his culture of overworking. In that case it was suicide. Matsuri Takahashi was 24 years old when she launched from balcony. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe overwhelmed by storm, was almost forced to propose a reduction in time and to introduce a fine to companies that had not respected limit. Little is known of consequences of Premier's stance. Fact is that you continue to record suicides and deaths by heart attack, especially among young people. And inhuman times are always same. The research has documented that Japanese workers accumulate hundreds of hours of overtime per month, and that in a year y barely take 9 days off. The bulimia from work in Japan began in ' 70, when wages were low and employees wanted to maximize earnings. And here is an obsessive research of productivity, which could not lead to an absolute dedication to work. And y never changed course again, even when in ' 80 country had positioned itself at top of world economic powers ranking. The Government has not ratified any convention on working hours, including Convention 132 on Paid leave and convention 1 on working hours. The national law does not put a roof to extraordinary work to certain professions and under certain conditions. The family of Miwa said in se days: "Even now, at a distance of 4 years, we cannot accept death of our daughter. We hope that pain of a devastated family can serve something. "


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