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Jemi Peres, son of the former Israeli President: "Unfortunately many have lost hope in peace"

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Jemi Peres, son of the former Israeli President:

At head of Peres Center for Peace, he says that "people must understand that y have a lot of strength" and longs for " intelligence of ir far"

The last act for Peace of Simon Peres

More and more physically similar to his far, Jemi Peres knows that he will never be able to match his political resume and statesmanship experience. For something, Simon Peres was last Mohican of Israel, who a year ago dismissed him accompanied by dozens of leaders from all over world.

"My far left a huge legacy for country and rest of world." We refer to past but also to future. The Department of Innovation at Peres Center for Peace tells story of Israel through its innovations, "tells world on anniversary of death of president, Prime Minister and member in 12 governments. "We teach pioneering technology that helps Israel but also world to have more security and fewer illnesses and accidents." As he thought, re is no need to look back as reality of past cannot be changed. Only that of future, he explains in front of an organism created 21 years ago.

Without him, what is role of Peres Center for Peace? It is a directive commission and a team with an ideological spirit who believes that it is possible to live in harmony and to achieve peace. But we are not a political body. If parties are known, y realize that y have more in common than in discrepancy. Is he as optimistic as his far? I am very optimistic although I do not know if I reach your levels. My far said that optimists and pessimists die in same way but y lived in a very different way and I prefer as an optimist. Optimism is not only human nature but also an instrument of work. If you want to get something in life, you must be optimistic. The word "peace" is in disuse in Israel and few believe it is possible ... Unfortunately, many have lost hope in peace. It's a shame because we're not a people who lose hope. Our hymn is built around hope of more than 2000 years. To return to our ancestral land but also to live according to Jewish and universal values. Peace will ensure our long-term existence. You're not worried? I am optimistic as I believe in spirit of individual and values of my people. We must be more willing to go ahead. The peace process has ups and downs and many enemies but ultimately majority in Israel and our neighbors want to live in dignity and care about ir children, ir future, etc. I don't see why we can't make it. The two-state formula is buried? The Peres Centre for Peace does not have a political agenda but is concerned with bringing people toger and promoting peace process. There is a peace process that leaders and or peoples do to create bridges for future. We focus on this last process. Shouldn't it be stronger to convince leadership? People must understand that y have a lot of strength. This process should encourage m to advance process and promote coexistence because leaders often go after ir peoples. Israel made peace with Egypt and Jordan. It is a matter of time, opportunity and a certain constellation of leaders. To remain a democratic and Jewish state we must solve problem. The Palestinians will not leave here and neir do we. With death of his far, Israel lost a shield in world. During some years of his presidency, he defended Netanyahu against criticism in world. My far always defended Israel and not politicians. His whole life worked to serve Israel. He was one of his founders and builders, he created defense system, brought him out of most serious economic crisis with a 400% inflation in 1984, contributed to what is known as Startup Nation with numerous multinationals who come to Israel. What do you miss most ? Every day I yearn for his intelligence. My far analyzed world wisely. We all miss ir vision not only about this country but globally thinking about future and advising or world leaders. Why so much emphasis on sport? Through our center, Jewish and Arab children, Israelis and Palestinians, play football to be better but also to know each or. They learn values like coexistence, cooperation and competing with sportsmanship. If you know or side, re is less room for Stereotyp e and hatred and more options to turn impossible into possible. You may be interested


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