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Jerusalem, the stumbling block of peace attempts

Trump's planned acknowledgment of a city in dispute as Israel's capital threatens to trigger violence

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Jerusalem, the stumbling block of peace attempts

Despite warnings from leaders of Muslim world and its Western allies, Trump appears to have entered a collision course against 70 years of consensus in international community on status quo of Jerusalem. But all attempts to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict have crashed into this obstacle from partition plan approved by UN in 1947, which left precisely city and its environment as a corpus separatum under international administration. No foreign president has ever dared to formally adjudicate one of parties ' legitimacy over city. These are some of keys to dispute.

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A capital problem.

Israel established its capital in Jerusalem — albeit only in Western zone — after proclaiming its state in 1948, and annexed eastern part after six-Day war in 1967 after Jordanian troops were expelled. In Jerusalem This is precisely where Palestinians aspire to have one day capital of an independent state.

Toger, but separated.

Israel incorporated into municipality Jerusalem several localities of West Bank to expand city. At present it has more than 800,000 inhabitants, of which 300,000 are Palestinians — almost all without Israeli nationality — and 200,000 are settlers in settlements built in Eastern zone during last half-century. To furr complicate things, Israeli government began building in 2002 a wall that separates about 100,000 neighbors, as is case of Abu Dis District, rest of city and places m in fact in West Bank.

Nationality questioned

The Palestinian neighbors of holy City have a permanent residence permit and an Israeli identity document. Many come from families who have lived in Jerusalem for generations, but if y are absent for more than seven years from city of Jerusalem y may lose right to reside in it. They mostly use Jordanian passport or a laissez-faire pass issued by Israel.

What is position of Israel?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states without ambages that "Jerusalem is capital of Jewish people for 3,000 years and that of state for 70 years." What Jerusalem? The law that annexed East Zone in 1980 declares it "eternal, unique and indivisible capital". There are voices in government, however, which are intended to give Palestinian Authority neighborhoods that have been separated by wall.

And what do Palestinians say?

They see as an indispensable condition that part of city located to east of Green Line fixed in Armistice of 1949 — which includes entire walled historical enclosure — and which separated metropolis until 1967 is capital of its own state.

What about rest of world?

The final status of Jerusalem must be agreed within framework of a lasting peace agreement between two parties. This has so far been unanimous Korean mantra of international community.

One or two Jerusalem

Several ministries and official centers of Hebrew state were installed in eastern Zone, after Green Line dividing city, starting from 1967. The rulers and representatives of 160 countries that maintain ties with Israel, who do not object when visiting institutions in western part of city, usually do not attend organized events in East Jerusalem. In same sector, a large part of consulates-general who, like Spaniard, act in fact as embassies before Palestinian Authority are located. It is also in one of eastern districts where Orient House is located, historic building that hosted a Palestinian virtual headquarters in Jerusalem until it was closed by Israel in 2001.

Words and facts

The Minister of Homeland Security, Gilad BRAJT, has been this Wednesday one of few voices of Israeli Government that has dared to break law of silence imposed by Netanyahu before planned "historical declaration" Trump, reports Lucía Abellán From Brussels. Brajt believes that he simply "recognizes what is happening on ground," although he expects to translate into facts. In a meeting with journalists during a visit to EU headquarters he warned: "We would be much happier if a date was set to move embassy."


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