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Joan Late y Lluís Llach, among them speakers of the acto in Madrid in favor of the 1-Or

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Joan Late y Lluís Llach, among them speakers of the acto in Madrid in favor of the 1-Or

After injunction to be held in a hall in municipal Slaughterhouse, act calls this Sunday in a private grounds

The act in support of referendum for self-determination of Catalonia organized by 'Locals for Right to Decide' is to be held finally this Sunday in Theater of Neighborhood, in calle Zurita in madrid neighborhood of Lavapies. The local is managed by a cooperative and directed by actor Alberto San Juan.

The spokesman of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) in Congress of Deputies, Joan Tarda; singer-songwriter Lluis Llach, or mp we Can in Assembly of Madrid Isabel Serra, will be some of speakers who will participate in event.

As reported by 'Locals for Right to Decide', organisers of event, will also be present Jordi Cuixart, Omniun; Natalia Esteve, ANC; Eduardo Reyes, of 'Join' and people of Madrid as lawyer Alberto Arregi, or activist Elena Martínez.

as was confirmed by organizers, after temporary suspension of act by judge Jose Yusty Barreche and consequent inability to celebrate in Nave of Calves for Slaughter, have found a new space, this time private property. It maintains time, at 12 hours, and day this Sunday.

The judge has ratified this Friday suspension and has reminded that it is "public and notorious" that for years have 'The Right to decide' is a "slogan or expression "has been repeated countless times by movements and groups, secessionist advocate a referendum not authorized for 1 of October in Catalonia, with goal repeatedly proclaimed to achieve separation of that region from rest of Spain".

As expressed in a press conference one of officers who registered petition at town Hall, Peter Homes, appeal of popular wanted to prohibit transfer of city space, while car Yusty prohibits act. "The appeal of PP is limited to suspension of an administrative act; it asks that grind to a halt, transfer of local, but judge goes far beyond of what plaintiffs asked," has recriminat.

For Homes, it is "it is a curious place" that resolves an administrative remedy with "that fast". "In a particular case of freedom of expression a judge to take freedom in less than 24 hours to make a car", he said, to add to that it is something "aberrant". "It says I have to stop act, not a transfer... that is spend limits, when judge decides on something that you have not been asked; it is passed seven villages," he reproached.


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