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Josep Lluís Trapero: Catalan Polizeischef summoned for disobedience

The Spanish judiciary accuses the regional police chief of rebellion against the state power. However, the police of the central government are more likely to be criticized abroad.

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Josep Lluís Trapero: Catalan Polizeischef summoned for disobedience

In dispute over an independence of region of Catalonia, Diespanische investigates justice against chief of Catalan regional police. EineRichterin have summoned JosepLluís Trapero for Friday to Madrid, shared SpanischeStaatsgerichtshof. The public Prosecutor's Office has ANHÖRUNGBEANTRAGT and accuses chief of Police of support of an uprising, it says in communication.

In concrete terms, separatists in Barcelona are contested on 20 and 21 September. DieRegionalpolizei Mosso's D'esquadra had accepted during protest that demonstrators had hindered State organs in exercising ihrerAufgaben, according to prosecutor's accusation. Among Protestenkonnten, among or things, several officials of state Police unit GuardiaCivil a building only hours after a search. HunderteDemonstranten had blocked inputs. According to media reports up to 15 JahreHaft are derAuflehnung to criminal offence against State authority.

In connection with se rallies, judge also invited Chief of SeparatistischenOrganisation Asamblea Nacional Catalana (ANC), Jordi Sad, and denVorsitzenden of nationalistic Cultural Association of Omni Cultural, JordiCuixart.

EU parliamentarians condemn police violence

The central government in Madrid had tried for days to stop preparation independence vote on Sunday with police missions. Among or things, ballots and urns were confiscated. Thousands of Catalans had demonstrated against action of central government and tried to vote despite all resistance. The police were partially forcibly opposed. Almost 900 people were injured according to Catalan authorities during protests.

In European Parliament in Strasbourg, members of various groups condemned conduct of police during vote. The "brutal action of Spanish police" from Sunday must be put on agenda of forthcoming EU summit in two weeks, demanded Austrian green Ulrike Lunacek, who belongs to Vizepräsideten of Parliament. "What happened is scandalous," said Swedish conservative Peter Lundgren. In middle of Europe, police officers have been violently opposed to peaceful citizens.

The crisis in Spain was "much more serious than Brexit," said vice of Greens, Belgian Philippe Lamberts. It is a pity for "spirit of European integration". The Spaniard Miguel Urban Crespo from Left faction made central government in Madrid responsible for escalation. It has "systematically refused" to offer a perspective to Catalan people.

Central government warns Catalans of declaration of Independence

The separatist regional government had held election despite all resistance. 90 percent of votes cast were due to secession of Catalonia from Spain. The regional government had announced that it would call for independence in coming days. On Wednesday Catalan parliament discussed date of proclamation.

Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catalá warned Catalan government of a declaration of independence. The central government in Madrid will use "all available means" to guarantee that laws would be followed. Catalá pointed out to journalists that all laws adopted by regional Parliament, which should serve as legal basis for secession of economic region, had been overridden by Constitutional Court as illegal. "A minority wants to enforce this rubbish, however," he said.


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