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Juncker urges you to take a leap forward in european integration

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Juncker urges you to take a leap forward in european integration

president of European Commission to claim in Strasbourg that all countries of Union are in euro and Schengen, with a political agreement in 2019, which is conducted in 2025

The war has ended, typically holder newspapers after great conflagrations. But Great Recession is not. Or a lot less. The populism, liquid state of what Horckheimer called totalitarianism, has not reached Governments in Holland and in France; it's not going to do it in Germany. And eurozone grows at fastest rate in last 10 years. But Europe needs deep reforms to avoid next crisis to burst european edifice.

Jean-Claude Juncker, socialcristiano that presides over European Commission, has started this Wednesday in Strasbourg political course in continent with a speech dense, in three languages (German, English and French), and full of proposals. Though somewhat lacking in emotion. His speech on State of Union leaves a fundamental idea: "We are fixing roof of european project. But we need to continue adding floors to this house. Now it's good time: let's do it, because when y appear clouds, and you will see, it will be too late. Let's take advantage of favourable winds".


  • Juncker proposes that eu member states are in euro and Schengen in 2019
  • Brussels boosts its own Monetary Fund to prop up euro
  • Juncker criticises proposals of London to Brexit: “No one is satisfactory”

Juncker is hooked to reforms of EU that start to sink in France and Germany. And opts unequivocally for a greater integration: want 27, once Uk leaves, enlist without an exception to euro, to Schengen (free circulation) and banking union, with a political agreement in 2019 —at a summit in Romania day after Brexit— and with that formidable leap of integration completed in 2025.

single Currency and economy

big Words, because none of that seems easy. Or politically (with fractures North-South and East-West) or even technically. Only 19 of 28 members of EU are in euro, and two of m (Uk and Denmark) have made explicit that y do not want single currency. Juncker has proposed a mechanism of technical assistance that will also include financing, hard cash to prepare ground for new additions. But it is not clear that Poland, who has been great out of euro and has a confrontation with Brussels, wants to join club. Greece has been in several phases with a foot out, and criticisms of common currency are formidable even within eurozone, in countries such as Italy, whose per capita income has not grown a single euro in last 16 years of life of currency.

The device economy has been one of fundamental pillars of speech. Juncker aims to transform european Stability Mechanism (Esm, which has rescued several countries in deep crisis, such as Spain) in a European Monetary Fund, as explained by this newspaper on Sunday. Want a budget for eurozone (which would be hosted within EU), a superministro of Finance ( vice president, economic community, which according to that proposal, chairing also Eurogroup) and finally put an end to union bank, with a deposit guarantee fund and a resolution fund for banks.

For all this, luxembourgish need to Germany: Merkel could achieve a fourth term in just a few days, but color of coalition Government decanted positions German about it. With social democrats on board, Berlin, and Paris would paddle in favor of se proposals. If Merkel needs liberals, in contrast, issue is complicated.


in Addition to economic, Juncker has reiterated that, unlike united States of Donald Trump, EU will continue signing trade agreements: next are Australia and New Zealand. Although Union is not in favour of a free trade naíf: favors a mechanism of control of foreign investment, to avoid that countries like China can invest in strategic sectors of european but at same time, y block european investments in China.

The enlargement of Schengen should be ready also —at least politically— by 2019, although, currently, only 22 of 28 members of EU are in that covenant: Croatia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania should access; it does not seem easy at least in latter two cases.

Immigration and Schengen

Along with expansion of Schengen, Juncker has announced a new immigration package. Brussels will shortly propose a reform of asylum. But Juncker has had harsh words against some States in that chapter: "Europe has been supportive, but some countries have not done enough" in areas such as relocation of refugees. The head of Commission ( executive arm of EU) has made an appeal to increase solidarity with neighborhood South: it has been claimed that member States are shoulder in financing of fund of aid to Africa. But most of all it has put finger on one of great plagues: "The migrants who have no right to be in Europe should return to ir countries of origin. Only 36% of illegal immigrants are returned to you. The efforts to be in solidarity with refugees who really need protection."

discourse about The State of Union is one of those dates, liturgical, full of symbolism, of european calendar. And Juncker has not let pass opportunity to make it clear what Europe wants: "An EU more united, strong and democratic". "The rule of law is not an option: it is an obligation," he said in a nod indisimulado to temptations of various countries of East, led by Poland and Hungary. "In Europe, hit by force of law, not law of strongest. The EU is based on rule of law and respect court rulings, " he said in relation to Poland. He has also had strong criticism for Ankara: "Turkey is moving away from EU by leaps and bounds. We can not tolerate that Turkish leaders call our first ministers nazis and fascists. Journalists should be in newsrooms, not in prisons."

Brexit and expansion

Juncker has tiptoed around Brexit, with a brief mention of first divorce of EU in its 60-year history. "The Brexit is sad, it is tragic: you will always we would be sorry to you, too," he said, addressing eurófobos british, who will abucheaban with ir usual education of a private school from his bench. "But Brexit is not end of Europe", he stressed. Juncker sees a window of opportunity for enlargement to western Balkans: Serbia and Montenegro could enter before 2025. And above all, he wants EU to seize moment to do more than shore up building. "Jacques Delors and Helmut Kohl taught me first-hand that Europe only moves forward with courage and valour: when is bold". That boldness, by way, has been missed repeatedly in last decade. Only a good crisis prevents viewers to fall asleep in ir seats: Juncker has warned that now is not time to rest on our laurels, because crisis will return. Brussels has already made its proposal. The German elections will dictate now what you can and can't do, with permission of Emmanuel Macron, in next few days.


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