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Junqueras refuses to be accountable to the FLA with the Treasury because he sees "political control" in the process

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Junqueras refuses to be accountable to the FLA with the Treasury because he sees "political control" in the process

PDF: The letter of Oriol Junqueras to minister of Finance

PDF: Letter of Cristobal Montoro at vice-president of Generalitat

NEWSPAPER archive: Rajoy intervenes accounts of government to prevent referendum illegal of 1-Or

The minister of Catalan Economy, Oriol Junqueras, has refused to render accounts of expenditure weekly that performs Generalitat with money corresponding to Fund Liquidity Autonomic (FLA) by understanding that process responds to a "political control" and not to objectives of "budgetary stability".

The decision was undertaken by Generalitat at Ministry of Finance yesterday in first hour of afternoon, but letter signed by Junqueras and forwarded to minister Cristóbal Montoro was received this morning [read letter in PDF]. The holder of Treasury has been thus in a position to move this morning, new step taken by government in weekly meeting of Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs. This organ of Government had already prepared a package of measures that will be adopted tomorrow by Council of Ministers that close to fence on accounts in Catalan, but without affecting Funding Liquidity Autonomous.

sources consulted in Treasury explained that, ultimately, is about to intervene de facto own Budget of Catalonia. "It narrows possibility of moving ir money", in words of a head of department. Similarly, Council of Ministers will discuss tomorrow possibility of that is directly Ministry of Finance who pays bills of suppliers Catalan.

in Addition, in near future will be available a new package of measures which will be responsible to agents of private donations intended to cover costs arising from preparation of referendum for independence of 1-Or suspended by Constitutional Court. There will also be measures to control costs deferred of government.

In letter signed by Junqueras it is argued that measures taken last July 21 by Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs in virtue of which Generalitat would have to submit to Treasury a weekly proof of your income and expenses to ensure that not a single euro of public resources went to celebration of query-independence, is now in abeyance since Parlament has already adopted a Law on Referendum and has officially called for query.

This legal -illegal, since that has been declared null by TC - toger with international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social and Cultural approved Un General Assembly in 1966, are arguments that follows Generalitat to be exempted from comply with obligation imposed on it by central Government on ir accounts.

According to Junqueras, it is a "political control does not save any relation with objectives of budget stability or with purposes of state legislation in this matter". "For this reason", he adds in his letter, " Government of Generalitat has adopted a new agreement under which release and waiver to responsible relevant to referral of information required by Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs on 21st of July."

however, in letter, vice-president Catalan also ensures that "will" of government is to "keep betting on dialogue and exercise of democracy as a way of resolving debate on political relations between Catalonia and Spain". This is a will that "still stands".

In Ministry of Finance, however, emphasize content of last two paragraphs of letter in which Junqueras is willing to continue to comply with budgetary stability and financial, as well as with objectives of deficit, debt and public spending, both in Catalonia and in Spain, in accordance with commitments acquired with European Union.

The response of Montoro

The minister of Finance, has referred to this same Thursday a letter [read it in PDF] in response to sent by Oriol Junqueras. In it he recalls that Constitutional Court suspended laws of Referendum and of Transience approved by Parliament last week.

in Addition, it denies that it is producing "political control" at that point vice-president of Catalan language. However, it did acknowledge a "control of legality to ensure financing of key public services".

In event of breach announced by government, minister of Finance reminds that " Government of Spain shall take necessary measures to ensure government adheres in its activities to legislation in force and, in particular, to compliance with stability prespupuestaria".


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