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Killed 25 people in Malaysia in the fire of a religious school

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Killed 25 people in Malaysia in the fire of a religious school

The fire was declared shortly before dawn in a school in north-east of Kuala Lumpur

From 2015 have been registered 211 fires in se areas

At least 25 people, most of m students, died this Thursday in a fire that devoured a religious school of center of Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. In addition, local media reported that seven or children had to be hospitalized, and eleven were able to be rescued from flames.

fire school Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah -a boarding school "tahfiz" where students memorized Qur'an - began about 5:40 in morning (21:40 GMT on Wednesday in Spain), according to a press release from Department of Fire and Rescue Malaysia. "The number of confirmed dead is 23 students and two caretakers," said Khirudin Draham, director of that department, to agency France Press. "I think that is one of worst disasters in country in last 20 years. We are now investigating causes of fire", he added.

The police chief of Kuala Lumpur, Amar Singh, said to press that dead children are aged between 13 and 17 years and probably died due to smoke inhalation. As he explained, to bedroom where y were all of m had only one entrance, which caused many of victims were trapped inside when re was a stampede to escape flames. "They are still counting bodies, which are stacked on top of one anor in a corner," he said.

Meanwhile, dozens of people-many of m neighbors who heard screaming victims - were concentrated at doors of center while corpses were transferred to deposit.

according To authorities, all indications are that fire started due to a short in last floor of building (a third party), where students were sleeping in ir bunk beds. A few minutes later, firefighters were already in area, and managed to extinguish fire in an hour. The photos and videos that soon began to circulate by network showing affected plant is on fire and, later, images of beds charred and windows completely scorched.

The little known misfortune, prime minister of country, Najib Razak, he expressed sadness for what happened, and sent a message of support to affected on his Twitter account. For its part, one of his ministers, Loga Bala Mohan, stressed that incident should be investigated with haste "so that we can prevent future disasters", as he picked up French agency. "We stand in solidarity with families, is one of worst fires that affect so many lives in capital in recent years", apostilló political.

In August of this year, local daily The Star reported that Fire and Rescue Department was concerned about measures of fire safety of se religious schools are not registered and private, in which y had posted a total of 211 fires of different consideration from 2015.

earlier this month, 16 people -eight of m children - had to flee flames into school family Tahfiz Al-Taqwa of Baling, Kedah. Previously, 7 of may of this year, anor school of this type in town of Sabak Bernam was ravaged by a fire that broke out early morning with no injuries.

One of worst incidents took place in September of 1989, when 27 girls one of se centres located in province of Kedah perished when a fire destroyed his school and eight shelters of wood in which y were staying.

In total, re are 519 schools tahfiz registered throughout country, although it is believed that re are many more not registered. Such centers are not regulated by Ministry of Education, but fall under umbrella of Department of Religion. In ir classrooms, is open to young people between five and 18 years who, in majority of time, y live internally in center.


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