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Kim Jong-un wants “a real balance of force” with the U.S.

North korea will continue its nuclear program despite the sanctions, underscores its leader

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Kim Jong-un wants “a real balance of force” with the U.S.

In crazy game of poker that played Kim Jong-un and international community concerning nuclear program of North Korea, supreme leader of that country always comes up bet in each round. The new batch of sanctions from Security Council of UN has responded with launch of a missile that has achieved greatest tour of all that has been tested up to now. And ensures that your final goal, play with which wants to take all chips on table, is to achieve “a real balance of force” with united States that make it unthinkable for Washington to consider a military strike against hermit kingdom.

As in all big occasions, Kim Jong-un witnessed test of missile intermediate-range this Friday flew over Japan before falling into Pacific after a journey of 3,700 kilometers. And during she stressed, according to this Saturday, state agency, north Korean KCNA, that despite “sanctions and blockade without limits”, North Korea “will move forward with its goal of completing its nuclear force”.

“Our ultimate goal is to establish balance of actual force with united States and make u.s. rulers do not dare to speak of a military option to Democratic people's Republic of Korea”, said heir of Kim dynasty.

Under his rule, North Korea has accelerated at a feverish pace your program of armaments ballistic and nuclear, which aims to have intercontinental missiles that can throw nuclear bombs on u.s. territory.

The launch this Friday of a rocket Hwasong-12 came just twelve days after sixth nuclear test in this country, most effected by regime of Kim Jong-un. On September 3, North Korea announced test of a successful hydrogen bomb, which analysts calculated that it had a capacity of 250 kilotons.

In response, Security Council approved this week its eighth round of sanctions against this country, which include prohibition of export of textile and impose limits on crude oil imports.

The launch, in response to se sanctions, seeking “to calm belligerence of united States, which recently have been called to use military muscle against DPRK”, has been assured by agency north Korean state.

The international community has condemned strongly new mule of regime. While South Korea has warned that dialogue with north has been made impossible, and Security Council of UN has held an extraordinary meeting to address challenge of north korea, united States has warned that it exhausts your patience. The National Security adviser of White House, H. R McMaster, stated after proof of Hwasong-12 that, although it is not option that you prefer to Administration of president Donald Trump, “re is a military option”. Trump, for his part, has pointed out that his country has an "overwhelming" amount of options for addressing threats of regime.






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