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King Felipe defends United Spain & #x3a; "By the authors à of Catalonia Slealt à unacceptable"

The sovereign in his message to the nation after the vote of the independence referendum makes no mention of the violence of the police sent by Madrid. " >04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 02:03 - 23 reads.

King Felipe defends United Spain & #x3a;
King Felipe broke silence and sent a message to nation: according to Sovereign, in Catalonia "re has been an unacceptable unfairness to state" and, addressed directly to independence authorities, has punctuated: "There is commitment of Crown towards of Constitution and of democracy and my commitment to unity of Spain ". Voting Catalonia, King Felipe talks about referendum for independence but silent about violence share In A short speech, lasted just over four minutes, Felipe VI He stressed that " Catalan society is fractured," and that this referendum "has put unity and economy of country at risk." Above all, insists king, "re was an irresponsible conduct by authorities of Catalonia", with an "unacceptable intent of appropriation of historical institutions of Catalonia." "Authorities who have clearly put mselves in margins of law and democracy have wanted to break unity of Spain." "We live in a democratic state that offers constitutional paths so that anyone can defend ir ideas in accordance with law. Without this respect, one cannot live in peace and freedom neir in Catalonia nor in rest of Spain, "added King Felipe. And king embraces Catalan people who do not follow independence option:" I mean to Catalans who are concerned about " Behavior of ir authorities that you are not alone, you have solidarity of all Spaniards to defend your rights. " In this speech that does not like at all to Catalan government, without any margin of negotiation, king however did not make any mention of violence by police sent by Madrid on day of referendum so much infaced by crown.

Ninguna Solución. Ninguna Mención in Los Heridos. Ninguna article Al Diálogo. Discurso irresponsable and Angry de un jefe de estado #Rey

— Ada Colau (@AdaColau) 3 October 2017 hard commentary that Barcelona Syndicate has spread on Twitter. "Irresponsible and unworthy speech for a head of state," writes among or things Ada Colau. And president of local government Carles Puigdemont, in statements made to BBC before speech of King Felipe, but sent later, said: "We'll act at end of week or at beginning of next". And warned Madrid that "it would be a mistake to change everything" if Rajoy government sought to take direct control of Catalonia Meanwhile, Catalonia has joined massively to general strike by unions against violent Repression of forces of Madrid order. Until evening hundreds of thousands of people have descended into square throughout autonomous region. 300,000 people gared in Barcelona alone. Vote Catalonia, Spanish police leave hotels after protests of citizens share


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