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Kuczynski defends his innocence and says he did not know the ties of his company with Odebrecht

The Peruvian President reveals that the Minister of Interior, Carlos Basombrío, presented this week his resignation

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Kuczynski defends his innocence and says he did not know the ties of his company with Odebrecht

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has reiterated his innocence against threat of being ousted by Congress next Thursday for his ties to Odebrecht case. The president, who accused of having received payments from builder between 2004 and 2012 through his company Westfield, has secured this Sunday on television that was disjointed from his investment banking company when he was Minister of Government of Alejandro Toledo ( 2004-2006), and who did not know contracts that manager of his company signed in those years, Gerardo Sepúlveda, with Brazilian builder, but who did receive dividends for services rendered.

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At same time Kuczynski revealed that minister of Interior, Carlos Basombrío, presented this week his resignation but that he had not accepted it. "I hope to persuade you to stay," he remarked. The rumour of resignation circulates since Thursday night, when president announced in a message to nation, which would be presented to committee Lava Jato of Congress to answer on Odebrecht case.

The president did not want to comment wher vice-president Martín Vizcarra is prepared to assume position of Chairman in event that Congress approves removal. "I don't think," he answered question of wher he was living last days of his management.

"The shareholder (from Westfield) is a person: I. (in time as a minister) I did not participate in any decision, I separated, I did not approve se contracts, manager signed m. In investment banking re is a wall between shareholders-owners and managers, "he explained in a televised interview with five journalists.

However, he did not show any document in which he proved that he dissociated himself from his company while he served as minister, even though one of journalists requested it. The Economist and investment banker said it has been se days when he has searched and learned of se contracts signed by Sepúlveda more than 10 years ago.

"The first thing I want to do is apologize to Peruvians because I have not explained well and are subjects that are more than 10 years old. I'm not a liar, I'm not corrupt. If you were corrupt, would you do se unbanked operations, in unbanked companies in United States that pay taxes? "said president.

In addition, Kuczynski indicated that firm, created in United States in 1992, provided "an investment banking service that exists in every market in world where it works to raise a silver quantity in markets, bond markets, based on a commission , according to rules of market. "

"Here what is happening is an assault on constitutional order. They are trying to make a vacancy (removal) Express. It should be a process in which constitutional accusations are presented, and if it is verified wher this data is true or not, a verdict will be reached which I will accede to, "Kuczynski claimed.

"Crime is doing business from government, and I didn't do any business from government. Sepúlveda gave a financial service (to Odebrecht) that generated revenue mainly to him and Westfield was vehicle that generated dividends. I won some dividends, "he acknowledged.

While Kuczynski was Minister of economy, between February 2004 and August 2005, he was also President of Board of Proinvestment, entity attached to Ministry of Economy that granted concession to Odebrecht for construction of road Interoceanic South, a work by which supposedly Alejandro Toledo received a bribe of 20 million dollars, according to exsuperintendent of Odebrecht in Peru, Jorge Barata. Marcelo Odebrecht has stated that Kuczynski was "a stone in shoe" for interoceanic, and that after he left government he was commissioned by consultancies to "heal wounds."

In interview, Peruvian president said that re was no conflict of interest between business of Westfield Capital and his position as minister in past decade, as he stated that he did not request anything from Brazilian builder.

"Are se transactions at 2006, 2007 a cause of presidential vacancy in this period?" he questioned. "I'll answer Thursday (in Congress), I'll try in 60 minutes to answer all this with my lawyer. These are financial counseling transactions to a private, nothing was asked of state, "he noted.

The head of state said that process of destitution that has propitiated opposition majority, Fuerza Popular (Fujimori) "is a slap, an assault on democratic order, against Prosecutor, Constitutional Court, and now president without a (due) process", expressed.

Popular force, which has majority of votes in Subcommittee on Constitutional accusations of Congress, has approved in last month accusations against national prosecutor, Pablo Sanchez, and against four judges of Constitutional Court. The final decision corresponds to plenary of Congress.

This Sunday, Peruvian press disseminated a resolution of Inter-American Court of Human Rights that asks Peruvian state to suspend "immediately procedure of constitutional accusation followed against magistrates Manuel Moran, Marianella Ledesma, Carlos Ramos and Eloy Espinoza Saldaña ", until plenary of that supranational instance reviewed case between January and February 2018.


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