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Kuczynski says he won't resign despite accusations of corruption against him

The Peruvian president rejects allegations of corruption of the fujimorismo and asks the prosecutor to lift his bank secrecy

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Kuczynski says he won't resign despite accusations of corruption against him

The President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), has assured this Thursday that he will not leave presidency of South American country for corruption scandal around Odebrecht after Brazilian construction company revealed on Wednesday a supposed payment of 4.8 Million dollars (4.1 million euros) to two consulting firms linked to president made more than a decade ago.

PPK broke his silence on Thursday at 22.00 hours (04.00 pm in Peninsular Spain) regarding accusations against him. "Systemic corruption is intended to threaten our government and our democracy. Compatriots: I will not leave intimidate, "he said in a message to nation that lasted three minutes. PPK also announced that it will ask prosecution to lift its bank secrecy to get out of doubt about those payments. "I will not abdicate my honor, my values, or my responsibilities as President of all Peruvians. I'm willing to defend my truth. We had a hard time recovering this democracy. Let's not lose it again, "he continued.

The Brazilian construction company reported on Wednesday to Congress of Peru that made a payment of 4.1 million euros between 2004 and 2012 to two consulting firms linked to now president of country. According to report received by House, Odebrecht had made five payments to company Westfield Capital for a total of 752,000 dollars (635,000 euros) between 2004 and 2006, years in which Peruvian President was at forefront of economy portfolio with The Government of Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006). Westfield Capital is listed as a one-person investment banking advisory firm in statement of interest presented by Kuczynski in January 2017 and latest consultancy firm transaction occurred in 2007, reports Reuters. The Peruvian leader insisted that, although he was owner of company Westfield Capital, he did not manage it in those years.

Some local media pointed out that on 21 December prosecutor who runs special anti-corruption team of Odebrecht case, Hamilton Castro, will question in a reserved way president in Government palace about payments he received through Westfield Capital. And next day, Kuczynski will have to appear before parliamentary committee of same case.


"Kuczynski has had enough time to assess his delicate situation and make this decision [on resignation]," said Daniel Salaverry, spokesman of Fujimori Popular force. Javier Velásquez, of Peruvian party, added that if PPK did not deliver his letter of resignation y would add to initiatives to ask for his dismissal for moral incapacity (stipulated in article 113 of Constitution), a measure requiring 87 votes in A congress of 130 seats. The parliamentary group on left Front broad, with 10 congressmen, was first to report that it would request Kuczynski removal. To fulfill its threat, votes in favor of dismissal — of Fujimoristas APRA, Alliance for Progress (PPP) and FA — add 96.

"We exhort and sue president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, to renounce his position for sake of democracy and for governance," says PPP through a statement. This party is led by presidential candidate César Acuña, who was denounced for having plagiarized his master's sis in Lima and PhD at Complutense University in Spain. A court in Madrid is still investigating his case.


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