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Kurz proposes to the right to negotiate a coalition government for Austria

The Conservative leader stresses as a condition that the executive is pro-european

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Kurz proposes to the right to negotiate a coalition government for Austria

The conservative Austrian leader, Sebastian Kurz, has announced this Tuesday that he will invite right to talks to form a coalition of government. Kurz won legislative elections last October 15 with 31.5% of vote and had already signalled during campaign its refusal to republish great coalition with Social Democrats, which were second (26.9%) to less than one point of Ultranationalists of Heinz-Christian Strache, who increased ir electoral support to 29%.

Austria's still foreign minister has thus opened door to return of FPÖ to government, in which it participated also with Christian (ÖVP) between 2000 and 2006. An experience that generated strong rejection within Alpine Republic and in European Union, several of whose members adopted diplomatic sanctions against Austria for a time.

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After victory of ÖVP, President of Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, expressed his desire that next Austrian government be pro-european, and that is a condition that has been quoted several times by Kurz during announcement of commencement of negotiations. "The government must have a clear pro-european position" and to be an active partner in Union's reform, said Kurz, conscious of rejection and fears that arouses a participation of FPÖ in an executive future.

The Ultraright, which came to suggest a possible EU exit referendum after Brexit vote, has reversed in last year and has shown less Eurosceptic. Its anti-european line was one of reasons why it lost, albeit by a narrow margin, elections to presidency of Austria last December, won by progressive Alexander Van der Bellen.

"I have decided to invite Heinz-Christian Strache to negotiations for formation of a government," said Kurz in Vienna, while highlighting that he has already had preliminary "very constructive" conversations with FPÖ leader. "Austria needs to quickly form a stable government," added Conservative leader, who hopes to close negotiation "before Christmas" to become with 31 years in Austria's youngest chancellor.

Christian and ultranationalists coincide in a hard line towards immigration — in fact, Strache has accused Kurz of copying her program — and in administrative and social system reform to reduce taxes. The ultra leader launched during campaign pretence of occupying ministries of Interior and exterior in a eventual coalition. Kurz didn't want to say this Tuesday about that expectation.

The leader of principal Jewish group of Austria, Oskar Deutsch, warned this Monday in an open letter against a coalition of some of two great Parties with FPÖ, because, in his opinion, although " Nationalist wolves will put on blue sheep skin" ( color of (right) that doesn't change its nature and it's "just appearance." The FPÖ is positioned as a antislámico party and seeks to shake image of being anti-semitic.


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