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Live: Catalonia in full divorce with Spain?

Anthony Sandra, a researcher at the Spanish and Iberian High school, answers your questions about the Catalan self-determination referendum.

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Live: Catalonia in full divorce with Spain?
Since 1 October, day of independence referendum which saw "yes" prevail in a disputed ballot, situation is tense in Catalonia and throughout Spain. On that same day, prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, welcomed fact that police deployment defended rule of law by disturbing holding of ballot. But human and media cost of this decision was heavy: several hundred people were wounded in clashes with national police.

Two days later, pro-independence people wanted to demonstrate "peace" through a general strike. In a very firm statement, King of Spain denounced "unacceptable disloyalty" of Catalan government. Carles Puigdemont, president of Autonomous community, accused king of ignoring millions of Catalans and confirmed his intention to declare independence. Is Spain on brink of implosion?

Anthony Sandra, PhD student at Université Paris-II and researcher at School of Hispanic and Iberian studies, makes point with us and answers all your questions live on Facebook.

(Remember to activate sound at bottom right of video.)


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