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London, the heart of the most stabbed to death by the IS

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London, the heart of the most stabbed to death by the IS

London, Glasgow, Manchester... main attacks in Uk

The author of terrorist attack on London underground was arrested when he tried to get out of United Kingdom

"This new attack allows you to escape attackers and bomb-makers", says director of a center that analyzes movements of IS

"London, heart of territory of crusaders". It is denomination that propagandists of self-styled Islamic State dedicated to british capital in one of last numbers of Rumiyah, multilingual magazine of declining caliphate. Since beginning of this year up to four attacks claimed by jihadists have struck capital.

"The IS [Islamic State, for its acronym in English] is losing out its territory in Iraq and Syria. Perpetrate attacks on outside has become a mechanism to compensate ir losses and keep alive its history of successes," says to THE WORLD, british Julie Lenarz, a researcher at Israel Project, a study center based in Washington.

On night before terror, who journeyed through vicinity of underground station of Parsons Green, supporters of IS on continent of asia published images threatening new attacks in London. In snapshots, uniformed of caliphate appear with background of Parliament british engulfed in flames next to banner of organization. "Last month, in addition, magazine Inspire, published by Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula urged ir followers to attack trains, mainly achieving its derailment", indicates this journal Veryan Khan, editorial director of TRAC, a center devoted to analysis of movements of jihadist group.

"This attack is unique and it marks an entirely new direction in strategy IS because until now, both attacks of so-called lone wolves such as those conducted by organisation involving suicide of attackers, or at least ir eventual capture.

This new attack does not only allow you to escape attackers and manufacturers of pumps, but that, in addition, may be kept in a good state," adds Khan.

The IS claimed responsibility for action late on Friday, first with a brief note released through its news agency, The Amaq and, later, with surprising haste, through an official statement that suggested attempt of a coordinated action executed by a cell. "With help of Allah, soldiers of caliphate managed to place and detonate several explosive devices in middle of crusaders inside of a train in underground station of Parsons Green", reads Spanish version of official statement distributed in several channels of messaging application Telegram.

The Islamic State claimed attack in London underground and threat: "The worst is yet to come" The claim of a fiasco, a sign of weakness

The improvised explosive device, hidden in a cube of white plastic, containing known as "mor of satan", peroxide, or acetone, or TATP, a high explosive substance that may be manufactured from products of domestic use and whose preparation contained in manuals published by IS and its cohorts in social networks. Your trace appears, in addition, in wake of attacks in Manchester and Brussels, and in house of Alcanar used by cell jihadist who signed attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils in August. As it happened in Parsons Green, it was lack of skill of terrorists, which prevented a greater tragedy in Catalan capital.

The IS appropriated Friday of onslaught despite, even, that device ended up failing. In subsequent discussions, members of group in networks bragged about that, if it had worked, bomb, "would have shattered London". "The next time will be, bror. This was only a test," responded anor user. In opinion of expert in jihadism Charlie Winter, claim of a fiasco can only be understood as "a desperate move" of IS, in need of notoriety. "It could be part of learning of someone who is trying to make bombs. If you repeat action, this would be a new level of attacks in Europe," warns Khan. A statement of fact, toger to scenario of an attacker or more to leak, which has raised alert of british authorities.

"In last few months, police has thwarted or attacks. Uk is facing risk is assumed to be one of european countries with largest number of fighters in ranks of IS," says Lenarz. According to british intelligence, around 850 nationals have traveled to Syria and Iraq to enlist in jihadi groups. More than a hundred people have been convicted in recent years for its link with ISA.


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