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López Obrador calls for reconciliation after its overwhelming victory

The leader of Morena draws the master lines of his future government in his first speech

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López Obrador calls for reconciliation after its overwhelming victory

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has left role of eternal candidate to play for first time President of Mexico. The leader of Morena has spoken tonight after electoral authority has revealed numbers of a landslide victory in presidential elections that place it with 53% of vote. "It's a historic day and a memorable night," said three-time presidential candidate. "A majority has decided to begin fourth transformation of Mexico's public life," said winner of elections before calling for reconciliation to his government, which begins on December 1.

The 64-year-old president-elect thanked his supporters for having reached a vote that will exceed 29 million votes. The candidate said he respects those who preferred or projects. "I call all Mexicans to put ir personal interests on ir own as legitimate. You have to put above best interest, "he said before quoting Vicente Guerrero, one of military who fought in Mexican independence. This was first of historical events that López Obrador, a passionate of events of Mexico, used in his brief speech in a hotel in center of Mexican capital.

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López Obrador showed no jubilation in his first speech as winner of elections. With a serious face he merely drew master lines of his administration, first one emerged from left in country. "We do not gamble to build a dictatorship, neir open nor covert," he explained in reference to those who have branded him as a populist politician of authoritarian vein. Instead, he announced profound changes "with attachment to legal order." "There will be business freedom, expression, association and belief," he said amid applause of his followers. But he made his priorities very clear: "We will listen to everyone, we will take care of everyone, we will respect everyone, but we will give preference to most humble and forgotten, especially indigenous peoples."

The future president also stated that it will respect autonomy of Bank of Mexico and its management shall be conducted with "financial and fiscal discipline". It also said that commitments made with national and foreign companies and banks would be recognised and that re would be no confiscation or expropriation. In this way, López Obrador tried to scare away ghosts of a radical and antisystem candidate that his opponents sold in three months of campaign. The winner of elections named Carlos Urzúa, future minister of Finance, and businessman Alfonso Romo, his next head of office in presidency, as coordinators of transition for economic issues.

The winning candidate did not leave out his first speech subject that has obsessed him throughout twelve years in which he has been aspirant: corruption. López Obrador said his administration will review contracts that have been signed in energy reform promulgated by current Government to prevent illegalities. "If we find anomalies that affect national interest will go to Congress and national and international courts. We will always lead by legal means. "

"The transformation that we will carry out is to banish corruption of this country," he explained. López Obrador said he won't tolerate anyone's bad practices. "Under no circumstances will next president allow corruption or impunity," he added before launching a warning. "On notice re is no deceit: whoever he is, he will be punished. I include fellow strugglers, officials, friends and family. "

The winning candidate in election will have to wait for Wednesday's district reckonings to be proclaimed president-elect. In spite of this, he said that Minister of Supreme Court, Olga Sánchez Cordero, will be in charge of internal policy issues in transition with Tatiana Clouthier, campaign coordinator. Sánchez Cordero became first woman to occupy Ministry of Interior in December, according to cabinet that López Obrador announced a few months ago.

The former mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, and diplomat Héctor Vasconcelos, future foreign minister, will be ones who direct international issues of transition. It will be y who will have complex task of fulfilling promise that Lopez Obrador made today. "With United States government we will seek a relationship of friendship and Cooperation for development, based on mutual respect and defense of our migrants."

The first mass bath

After his message, López Obrador moved to Zócalo in Mexico City, in historic center of Mexican capital. The square is an old acquaintance for today's candidate, since it has culminated re dozens of rallies. But today he has addressed masses as future president of country. And first thing he announced was that he will increase pension to older adults in 32 states of Mexico. In addition, it will turn this support into a universal gift to which retirees of various social security agencies also have access.

A few meters from National Palace, seat of presidency, López Obrador announced that it is preparing transition. The leader of Morena said that he took advantage of greeting call made by President Enrique Peña Nieto to request a hearing next Tuesday at eleven o'clock to discuss details of change of power. "Let us act respectfully. The transition will be peaceful, seamless and crisis-free, "he announced to tens of thousands of supporters who chanted" Yes you could "and" you're not alone. "

The future president of Mexico said he will draw up his government's project in July, August and September. This program, with it would fulfill promises of campaign, will define actions to be applied next six years. López Obrador said re will be no divorce with electorate who today voted massively. "It will be a government of people and for people."


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