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Love Grief-Penguin dead: First broke his heart, then grape-kun died

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Love Grief-Penguin dead: First broke his heart, then grape-kun died

Sad news from Japan: Humboldt-Penguin Grape-kun is dead. But at least his beloved manga girl was with him until last moment.

The little guy had become famous last month, when employees at zoo of Miyashiro had to temporarily clean up cardboard to which he had lost his heart because of a rolling typhoon.

Because no one could make it clear to him that his heart-lady only had to temporarily leave enclosure in order not to be blown away, he caused wings to hang quite sadly. People all over world were suffering with him. But pictures were too sad.

The sad story of grape-kun
  • She must leave him penguin has love grief for manga girl

    Penguin Grape-kun loves this manga girl, but it has to leave him short. He'll get it back, but he doesn't know.

Shortly reafter, cardboard girl named Hululu returned. But a happy ending was still out. Grape-kun became seriously ill.

Perhaps separation on time has been so added to him, because he has already been abandoned.

Also interesting

When Penguin Lady, with whom he had been in past ten years, was in a firm manner, turned his back on him, he was not interested in anyone any more. Alone, aimlessly and with a limp posture he crept through his enclosure.

Grape-kun is his manga-girl Hululu to FüßenFoto: Tobu Zoo/Twitter

Only when nurses brought manga girls Hululu to him did he blossom again. Even hormones came into wall again: with typical Verliebheitsgesten of a penguin (spread wings, raised beak) he Hululued to heaven.

And n his heart broke out a second time when new adored was carried away.

Grape-kun was 20 years old. This is not an unusual age for a Humboldt penguin to die. But that he died so soon after excitement around Hululu – can this really be a coincidence?

フンボルトペンギンのグレープ君が昨日亡くなりました 。 これまで応援してくれた皆様本当にありがとうございました 。 また 、 グレープ君を最後まで見守ってくれたフルルもありがとう 。 そして 、 グレープ君長い間ありがとう 。 天国でゆっくり休んでね 。 東武動物公園 けものフレンズ グレープ君

— 東武動物公園 【 公式 】 リュウくん (@TOBUZOO7) October 13, 2017

On Friday zoo tweeted: "Grape-kun died yesterday. Sincere thanks to all who have supported him. Thanks also to Hululu, who has watched over him until end. And thank you, grape-kun, for time with you. Rest peacefully in heaven. "

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