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Ludovico Einaudi in Madrid: chaos after the change of venue

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Ludovico Einaudi in Madrid: chaos after the change of venue

The concert of pianist Italian, was to be held in Sales, took place in Vistalegre by indefinite closure of plaza

Suspended concert of Manuel Carrasco y Vanesa Martín in Sales for security reasons

Sales will be between 2,000 and 2,500 seats less after reform

Missing 15 minutes to nine and immediate vicinity of Palace of Vistalegre were a chaos. Attendees to concert of Ludovico Einaudi's where we were absolutely clueless. In one of flanks of plaza de toros swirled through crowd without knowing very well what was sense of queue. There were people that walked in single file toward right, and people who did same to left. And in middle, a mass that does not go or to one side or or without a single member of organization that give instructions.

As no one was very clear where to enter you had to and who gave time, I went to municipal police, which didn't seem to know much more than I of organization. "I am here not to be caught by a van," he replied. So, we continue with doubts. Little by little firing queue was moving and we realized that we had ahead more than an hour of waiting. The row gave a walk around block and returned to where we had started to take anor lap more. Only one of two entrances was operating.

At 21.30 hours re were still hundreds of people on street were starting to get impatient. Parents with ir teenage children, couples and even grandmors. "This is my first concert and I'm going to miss half,", was a lady of about 70 years behind me. Her granddaughter did not give credit. He claimed he had not seen something like this or a concert of One Direction. "This is Palace of Sports passes!", said.

At 21.45 hours, a friend, who had already managed to pass control and waited for us in interior of enclosure, we announced that organization had reported that start of concert would be delayed at least half an hour more from that time. On outside, we reassured her. In interior went just opposite.

Shortly after receiving this information, we noticed that we were beginning to move faster. In first control, not us and checked out entrance and in second only looked at bags. We save searches that had undergone first that came in Vistalegre, including my friend.

But despite having relaxed security controls to streamline entry and not to postpone even more event, within situation was not much more organized. Had queues to go up to stands and low personal to indicate each wizard where was area that corresponded to it.

The control shone by ir absence. The lining under is filled at once, and people-like us - who had paid for a seat in that area (55 euros) had to settle with watching pianist Italian from above. In contrast, some of those who had tickets cheaper at high end of square, I had to go down stairs for lack of space. Just sharing a row with people who had paid 20 euros less. And on track, some of m stayed standing.

The 17th of August we were warned by email that concert, which initially was to be held in The Sales, change of venue for indefinite closure of plaza. However, we indicated that everything was same and re would be no changes despite fact that capacity is lower, which has undoubtedly contributed to messing with seats.

Shortly before 2215 hours, re was a great puff, and complaints shout. But n came out Ludovico Einaudi and calmed things down. It was shown that music tames wild beasts...

Madrid was grateful to Italian, and despite all of above, applauded like mad. Although end was bittersweet. is The concert lasted until 00.15 hours, far beyond what is expected (re was even an encore!), and some of those who flocked to Carabanchel in car had to stay without seeing end. At midnight it was just magic: y closed parking lot.


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