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Macri casts the chief of the Navy for the disappearance of the submarine Ara San Juan

Marcelo Srur passes to retirement after one month of the disappearance of the ship in the South Atlantic

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Macri casts the chief of the Navy for the disappearance of the submarine Ara San Juan
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The disappearance of Argentinean submarine Ara San Juan, 31 days ago, has its first political victim. The president, Mauricio MACRI, has spent this Saturday in retirement to head of Navy, Admiral Marcelo Srur, wrapped in an internal crisis of uncertain resolution. The Government has initiated an internal investigation to determine chain of responsibility on that Wednesday, 15 November, when all contact with ship was lost. The pressure towards military dome is twofold: on one hand it should be determined wher Ara San Juan was in a position to navigate; On or hand, Srur is accused of retacear information classified to President, as part where submarine captain reported a water inlet that led to a short-circuit in batteries. Meanwhile, on land, relatives of 44 crew members who died aboard demanded that search not stop.

During first few days of search, MACRI asked that efforts concentrate on finding submarine and left for later political responsibilities. That deadline seems to be fulfilled. Srur was under watch when a part of ship's captain was leaked to press to warn of a breakdown. In text, received in base of operations, it could be read: "Seawater intake by ventilation system to battery tank No. 3 caused short circuit and fire principle on balcony of battery bars. Bow batteries out of order. At moment in immersion propelling with split circuit. No staff news will keep you informed. "

The Navy considered that message did not deserve emergency status and ordered Ara San Juan to put bow to Mar del Plata, port of destination that never arrived. The problem was that when president asked what had happened during a meeting with high commandos, Srur simply said that he had no information to answer that question. When message of commander of submarine was made public confidence broke and exit of Srur was only a matter of time.

Toger with Srur, y asked for ir removal four naval chiefs, all in line of succession of Max boss. The departure of all of m implies head of Navy and will leave MACRI hands free to start from scratch. In addition to administering internal summary, new bosses will have to provide all information required by an accident commission made up of three chiefs of Ara San Juan, one of m with his son among victims of accident. The Commission will have its own budget and will be able to hire international experts. At moment y will be able to investigate if protocols were correctly followed, that is to say, if chiefs acted correctly before warning alert and, especially, if obligatory technical controls were fulfilled for this type of ships.

But to know what really happened with submarine that November 15, y will have to wait for hull to appear, something that at this point may never happen. The search area was already raked unsuccessfully and ship may have fallen into an unreachable abyss of sea for man.


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