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Macron calls on Netanyahu to freeze construction of new settlements

The French president claims to the Israeli Prime Minister that Trump's recognition of the capital of Jerusalem is dangerous for peace

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Macron calls on Netanyahu to freeze construction of new settlements

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, asked Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday, "courageous gestures towards Palestinians." Among se gestures, he quoted freezing of construction of new settlements in West Bank. "I said, ' Give a chance to peace, '" he added. After a luncheon at Elysée Palace, first stage of a Netanyahu tour of Europe, both addressed consequences of United States ' recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. The Frenchman said that this recognition was "contrary to international and dangerous law for peace." He emphasized that he did not condemn him but "disapprove" him. "It does not seem to me to help, in short term, cause of security, including that of Israel and Israelis," he added.

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The Israeli defended capital of Jerusalem. "Paris is capital of France, Jerusalem is capital of Israel, it has been for three thousand years, and that of Israeli state since seventy years," he said. "As soon as Palestinians accept this reality, we will be able to move towards peace." Hence historical character of announcement of President [Donald] Trump, and so important for peace.

Macron was first European leader to receive Netanyahu after Trump's announcement about Jerusalem, and although meeting was scheduled for time, Trump's decision ended up dominating part of meeting. Monday must meet with those responsible for European Union in Brussels.

Macron transmitted to Trump on December 4, in a telephone conversation, his concern about decision he was preparing to take on capital of Jerusalem. The French president reminded him that " question of status of Jerusalem should be resolved within framework of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, with aim in particular of establishing two States, Israel and Palestine, who live side by side and in "Security, with Jerusalem as capital."

The desire for a two-state solution and need, in order to achieve this, not to take sides in issue of Jerusalem statute, is almost traced from line of previous US administrations. In this and or issues in Near East, French President, in office since last May, is trying to establish himself as a central actor, a mediator in which various factions can be trusted. The US withdrawal with Trump, or too-obvious take of party, leaves space for or powers, and France wants to influence.

Macron tried it in crisis of Lebanon following confusing resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri. And he thinks he can be a bridge to Iran, a country he's promised to travel to. After meeting with Netanyahu in Paris, he announced a visit to Israel in 2018.


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